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Article: Wooden or Metal: Which material would you choose for your furniture?

Wooden or Metal: Which material would you choose for your furniture?

Wooden or Metal: Which material would you choose for your furniture?

If you are confused about what type of furniture is best for you, you have come to the right place. Towards the end of this article, you will learn the pros and cons of wooden and metal furniture and choose the best one for your home, business, or office. So, let's proceed. 

Let's first explore the pros of metal furniture. 

Pros of Metal Furniture  

  1. Durability

Metal furniture can withstand any kind of pressure and won't lose its power. It is resilient and won't disappoint you at all. Furniture made of metal is perfect for hospitals, schools, homes, and colleges. It is capable of withstanding hideous drink rings and heavy appliances. Furthermore, you can get your old metal furniture refurbished, and it will look brand new. Another best thing about metal furniture is that it has great strength. 

  1. Longevity

Metal is durable and offers strong resistance to humidity and corrosion. Good quality metal furniture has a life of 30 years. However, it also depends on you. If you take care of your metal furniture properly, your furniture will last for years to come. Additionally, it also depends on the kind of coat that manufacturers use on the furniture. If the manufacturer has used high-quality coating on your metal cabinet, you can be sure that this furniture is here to stay. Also, metal furniture is more affordable. 

  1. Visually appealing

Metal furniture has a modern and classy look attached to it. It is clean, and the fine lines on it make any room tidy and neat. On top of that, there are a lot of customization options available. You can even have your metal furniture painted with the colour of your choice, but make sure that the colour should complement the metal, or else it will look unpleasant. 

Cons of Metal Furniture

  1. Danger from rust

If you constantly expose your metal furniture to coffee/tea spills, its paint will crack and cause the metal to rust in a particular area. Furthermore, if you leave the rusted part on the furniture untreated, the rust will spread to the entire furniture. In short, your job is to treat the rusted part with high-quality paint. 

  1. Too heavy

If you are looking for high-quality metal furniture, you have to cooperate with its heavy furniture. As the weight of metal furniture is heavy, it is difficult to move it to your room yourself. You may need to hire assistance, which could turn out to be an expensive deal. Moreover, if you are the kind of person who enjoys changing the structure of your furniture often, then metal furniture isn't for you as it is heavy and moving it may drain you. 

Pros of Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture


Wooden furniture has a lot of functional and visual benefits, which are discussed below. 

  1. Strong & Sturdy

Wooden furniture is durable and strong. There are different types of wooden furniture, such as teak wood, oak, rosewood, sal wood, pinewood, etc. Each wood has different strength levels. But it is safe to say that wooden furniture has more strength than plastic, bamboo, or even metal furniture. Among all the woods, teak wood possesses the greatest strength. So, if you want to install furniture that will last, you should consider teak wood furniture for your home, office, or other spaces. 

  1. Timeless

Wooden furniture is timeless and eternal. The wooden furniture that your grandfather passed to you would probably be worth a lot now. If it is high-quality furniture, you can even sell it to a furniture shop and earn a good amount. At the same time, if your inherited furniture is a century-old, an antique furniture store will be happy to accept it and offer you unbelievably heavy profits. 

  1. Stunning appearance

Wood furniture has shine and magic that brings warmth to any room. Even if you have distressed wood, it won't disappoint you. (Distressed wood furniture can be withered by hands or tools to make it look aged and antique). Also, if your wooden furniture is already damaged, don't worry about it. Wooden furniture can be easily repaired and restored to its original form. Furthermore, wooden furniture has the power to turn a dull-looking space into a beautiful home. 

Cons of Wooden Furniture

Like every coin has two sides, wooden furniture comes with cons too, which are elaborated below. 

  1. Damage due to moisture

Moisture has the capability of damaging wood finishing and penetrating into it causing your furniture to swell and split. Sadly, if you don't have any moisture protection, your wood furniture is most likely to get ruined. You have to bit careful with your furniture if you are a native of coastal regions. Furthermore, wood is also capable of discharging moisture. This process of absorbing moisture and releasing it may cause wood to expand and contract, which eventually weakens the furniture joints that hold it together. 

  1. Impact of direct sunlight

While sunlight is a source of life and energy, it can also be hazardous to wood. UV rays tear apart all the chemical bonds in the wood furniture. As a result, the colour of your furniture will change and look odd. Only a skilled person will be able to do the best job of undoing the damage to your furniture. On the other hand, if the manufacturer has used superior quality wood finishing on the furniture, it would be able to withstand the effect of sunlight and last for years. 

  1. Surfaces develop scratches

There are instances where kids tend to drag their sharp-edged toys on wooden surfaces leaving huge gashes or scratches behind. This could damage your wooden furniture. Some of the other household objects that can destroy your furniture include knives, toys with sharp edges, glasses with heavy bottoms, and fingernails. In addition, not even sharp objects, but dust can also destroy your wood furniture. As dust is granular, using the right cleaning material may protect your furniture from getting scratches. Also, to prevent this from happening, you can also use paste wax. 

  1. Repairing wood furniture can be tiring

If you are thinking that you can repair your damaged wooden furniture yourself, you may be taking on more responsibility than you can handle. Sure, you can get the job done but only a professional will be able to execute the repairs in the best possible way. They will be able to pay attention to detail, which is important while dealing with wood furniture. If you still want to do it on your own, you will need a lot of patience. There are several finishing that you can choose from, such as antique finish, brushed, hammered, satin, and polished. 

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In conclusion

After going through the pros and cons of wooden and metal furniture, it is clear that both metal and wooden furniture are strong and can last for a long time. Metal furniture is prone to rust, and wooden furniture can only die due to sunlight and moisture. In short, if you want to save money, you can go for metal furniture. Also, it is modern and trendy too. On the other hand, if you want to render antique look to your home, go for wooden furniture. 

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