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Article: 10 Best Wooden Furniture Ideas for a Living Room in Budget

Wooden Furniture Ideas for a Living Room

10 Best Wooden Furniture Ideas for a Living Room in Budget

Modern furniture materials and styles may come and go but the charm of authentic wooden furniture and its old-world appeal remain unsurpassed. Commercial wood and plastic pieces pale in comparison as they lack a distinct identity. Introducing new pieces of wooden furniture into your home is like adding members to your household. The natural colour, texture, and wood grains on each furniture piece have a story to tell; something that brings you closer to nature.

But are you worried that wooden furniture will stretch your budget? Well, honestly, it is not difficult to get your hands on a beautiful piece if you know where to look. When you are thinking of living room furniture ideas, wooden furniture is the way to go. Here are some interesting wooden furniture ideas for your living room:


  1. Centre Table

solid square coffee table

A centre table is not just another table in your living room. It is a pivot around which the rest of the seating arrangement is placed. This makes the choice of table essential to the overall design of the room. If you have ethnic furniture, a table with curved legs is what will fit the bill. On the other hand, a solid square coffee table can do your room proud, with its natural grains and sleek design, for a modern look. If you like a blend of styles and designs, you can even mix and match the wooden table with different types of chairs and ottomans, letting an accent piece do the talking.


  1. Classy Storage Cabinet

carved storage cabinet

While juggling wooden furniture ideas for the living room, consider getting a statement storage cabinet. A solid wood storage cabinet is a good way to add character to your room without disturbing the design. The charm of this type of furniture is that you can place it along the wall or even use it as a TV cabinet. A carved storage cabinet is functional and does not compromise the design. If it has brass looped hands, the better. The beautiful, natural grains will do the rest. That’s the thing about wooden furniture, it speaks for itself.


  1. Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers works just well in any décor scheme as it adds a vintage charm to the room. You can pair this up with candle stands or a classic mirror to take it up a notch higher. A mirror is much more than a reflective surface. Its intricate design or pattern can become the focal point of your nook.


  1. Classic Tile Tables

Classic tile tables

End tables with tiles have the charm of an era gone by. They are versatile and you can place them wherever you like; you need not restrict yourself to just one. A pair of tile tables of different sizes or heights gives the living room a distinct touch of class. As tile tables are a work of art in their own right, too much clutter on the top will kill the look.


  1. Round-top Tables

Round-top Table

Got a vintage lamp you have been dying to put on display? Well, a good round-top table may be just the thing you were looking for. The collection of tables at Woodsala is worth checking out if it is the quality and design options you are looking for.



  1. Sofa Chairs

Sofa Chair

Symmetry doesn’t always work. Sometimes you need an element of surprise to change the design and feel of a room. What better way to do it than with cozy sofa chairs. Round armed wooden chairs are just the thing for a private tete-a-tete corner. Chairs can be functional and decorative too. And finding what suits you best is not difficult with the variety of designs and styles available on the Woodsala website. 


  1. Lounging Chair

Lounging Chair
A lounging chair or a solid wood upholstered chair is just the thing for a comfortable nap. A footstool placed next to your chair makes it the perfect space for a hot cup of tea in the morning. Placing the chair near the window is a good option as you bring the outdoors into the room by just sitting on your wooden chair. Light wispy curtains will complete the look.


  1. Console Table

Console Table

With its utter beauty and charm, a console table reminds one of colonial décor. You can keep it against the wall in your living room or the foyer, depending on your needs. A mirror would be perfect in this setting.


  1. Teakwood Sandook

Teakwood Sandook

Sandook can add intrigue to a room with their chic look. They are available in all sizes. You can opt for a large chest or pile up two or three sandooks for an elegant look.


  1. A Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame

An intricately carved wood frame is just the thing to set the mood for your living room. With many designs to choose from, you will have a good time finding the right one. You can personalize your living room with a framed family photo or piece of art.


Tips for maintaining Wooden Furniture:

  • Avoid putting very hot or very cold items on the furniture.
  • Wood is a product of nature. With age, it will become darker or lighter. That is its intrinsic beauty, don’t try to change it.
  • Scratching the surface can damage the wood for good. Keep sharp objects away.
  • Your wooden furniture needs loving care. Oil and wax regularly for a lovely sheen.


Wooden furniture may seem a bit expensive compared to other furniture options available in the market, but when you look at long-term benefits, natural wood will win hands down. Solid wooden furniture is for life.


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