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Article: Oak Wood Furniture Vs Birch Wood Furniture – What Should You Choose?

Oak Wood Furniture Vs Birch Wood Furniture – What Should You Choose?

Oak Wood Furniture Vs Birch Wood Furniture – What Should You Choose?

Furniture items are made using different materials. Wood furniture is considered to be the best among the various available options. But do you know there are numerous options when it comes to wood? Different types of woods are used to craft furniture. These include oak wood, birch wood, teak wood, sal wood, rose wood, satin wood and white cedar to name a few. They differ from each other in terms of quality, durability, appearance as well as cost. It is important have a clear understanding about their characteristics to bring home the right kind of furniture.

In this article, we shall talk at length about two of the popular woods used to craft furniture in India - oak wood and birch wood. By the time you finish reading this article, you shall have a clear idea about how the two differ from each other and which one is suitable as per your requirement and budget. So, let’s get started. 

Oak Wood – Types, Pros and Cons

Oak wood is a solid hardwood. It has a distinct grain pattern. Used to make log furniture, oak wood is quite common in our country. It comes in a wide variety including the red oak wood, white oak wood and silver oak wood among others. White oak wood is less expensive compared to the red one as well as various other varieties of this wood.

Pros of Oak Wood

oak wood

What makes oak wood furniture so popular? Let’s find out!

  1. The wood boasts of durability. Furniture made with this wood stays in good condition for decades. You may not require replacing it unless you want to change the ambience of your room.
  2. The grain pattern renders it a beautiful look. The wood is also known for its naturally smooth finish that adds to its appeal.
  3. The wood is sturdy and is thus ideal for making furniture pieces such as beds, sofa and big almirahs. It is also a good choice for doors and windows.
  4. Furniture crafted with this wood is easy to maintain. Unlike other types of woods, this one can be washed to keep it clean and tidy. However, it shouldn’t be soaked in water.
  5. Oak wood is reasonably priced and furniture made with it is readily available in the market.
  6. It is moisture, fungus and corrosion resistant. This makes it ideal for creating furniture for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Cons of Oak Wood

Here are a few downsides of oak wood:

  1. The wood is hard. It is thus a challenge to cut and process it into different shapes.
  2. Oak wood offers a smooth finish, which is a pro. However, the stains are more evident on the furniture.
  3. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance else it may crack and distort.
  4. Spills should be cleaned immediately else they may leave a mark.
  5. It must be polished every few months to retain its appeal.
  6. The furniture is quite heavy and can be very hard to move.

Birch Wood – Pros and Cons

birch wood

Birch is also a popular hardwood. It is used to make different types of furniture items such as doors, cabinets and panels among others. A wide variety of birch wood is used for creating furniture pieces. Some of its varieties include red birch, black birch, poplar birch, white birch and paper birch. Let us take a look at the various pros and cons of using birch wood furniture.

Pros of Birch Wood

Why is birch wood used extensively to make different kinds of furniture pieces? Let’s take a look:

  1. Birch wood furniture is durable.
  2. It is loved for its smooth finish and beautiful straight grain pattern that renders an attractive appeal.
  3. It does not decay if maintained properly.
  4. It is known to be shock-resistant.

Cons of Birch Wood

Here are some of the disadvantages of birch wood:

  1. Birch wood furniture attracts moisture and is prone to cracks.
  2. It is prone to wear and tear.
  3. It is easily affected by rots and bugs.
  4. It requires regular maintenance.

Which is Better – Oak Wood or Birch Wood?

Furniture made with both oak wood and birch wood looks beautiful and is durable too. However, there are certain factors that set them apart. Oak is known for its denseness and sturdiness. This makes it an ideal choice for crafting heavy furniture. It is rot resistant and is thus commonly used for cabinetry. Since oak wood furniture is fungus and corrosion resistant it is ideal for outdoor furniture.

Birch, on the other hand, is shock-resistant which makes it a good option for flooring and veneer. It is harder than oak. However, it is prone to bugs and insects. Furniture made with this wood may wear soon if exposed to them. It is thus suggested to use it only for creating indoor furniture and maintain it properly to ensure it lasts long.

The two types of woods also differ majorly based on their appearance. Birch has a modern appeal. It is used to design beautiful contemporary furniture. If you are looking for modern style furniture then birch is what you should go for. Conversely, oak renders a rather rustic appeal. If you are a fan of traditional style furniture and are planning to add it to your interiors then we suggest browsing through oak furniture catalogue.

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In conclusion

We are sure the aforementioned points have acquainted you well with the qualities of oak wood as well as birch wood furniture. Both of them have their set of pros and cons that make them suitable for different purposes. The information shared above will help you identify which type of wooden furniture is best suited as per your requirement.

You can get furniture made with both these types of wood by trusted brands such as Woodsala. Both wood styles are used for flooring, as well. The key is to identify your exact requirement and see which one matches best. Also, make sure you order furniture from a reputed manufacturer to be sure of its quality.

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