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Article: Innovative Study Room Design and Decoration Ideas

Innovative Study Room Design and Decoration Ideas

Innovative Study Room Design and Decoration Ideas

A well designed and beautifully decorated room exudes positive energy that boosts our mental as well as physical well being. This is one of the reasons people spend so much time and money designing and decorating different rooms in their house. Different rooms require different kind of furniture, decorative items and overall design. The options under each category are so many that it often becomes difficult to decide which one to go for.

In this article, we have shared some really cool study room design and decoration ideas to arrange your study room beautifully. Read on to find out.

Simple Study Room Design for College-Goers

College goers are seldom interested in studying. They prefer indulging in extra-curricular activities and spending time with their friends. In order to generate their interest in studies you can decorate their study room beautifully. An innovatively decked up room can act as an attraction for them. It will motivate them to sit and complete their assignments.

It is suggested to paint their study room with light hues such as baby pink, sky blue, light green and move. A combination of two colours looks even better. It is a good idea to combine one of these shades with white to create a calm and peaceful environment. Such an ambience boosts the power to concentrate and increases the flow of positive energy.

You can place a plant near your kids’ study table to enhance the study room interior design. Placing a small couch in one corner of the room is a good idea. It can become a great spot for reading and learning. A wall clock, motivational quotes, a soft board and a spacious cabinet can be a few other additions to this room.

Beautiful Study Room Ideas for Students

A study room with a comfortable space to lie down and relax is apt for students. Since students require studying for long hours it is imperative to take short breaks and relax in between their study session. Going out of the study room to relax can waste a lot of time. As they step out of their study room, they may be tempted to go to the kitchen to grab a snack or watch television or play with their siblings. In order to avoid all these distractions it is suggested to make a provision where they don’t require going out of their room to relax.

The one shown in the above image makes for a cool study room design for school going kids as well as college goers. The ambience is vibrant yet peaceful. It is perfect to focus and create. You can play with colours to make the interiors all the more fun. A combination of pastel shades with a dash of bright hues can add life to the room.

Contemporary Study Room Design Idea

Create a modish study room to match your modern interiors by incorporating birch wood furniture. This type of wood is used to make contemporary style furniture that is visually appealing and sturdy at the same time. Place a simple yet spacious study table in one corner of the room. The table should be big enough to accommodate a laptop, books, pen holder, table lamp and even a small planter or a decorative item. Floating shelves in beautiful  designs can be affixed above the study table to place novels, stationery and other essential items to keep them handy as you sit to study.

If the space allows, we recommend placing a cabinet in the room to keep all the important stuff inside. It is also a good idea to create a space where one can sit comfortably or lie down to relax in between the study sessions. This can be done by placing a small bed or an easy chair in a corner. To enhance the ambience you may opt for window blinds instead of simple curtains.

Study Room Design for Working Professionals

Working professionals require a comfortable and peaceful place to attend client calls and concentrate on their work. The work environment impacts the productivity as well as creativity of a person. A cluttered or uncomfortable place can hamper work. This is why it is important to create a proper space where one can work efficiently. Those of you who are working from home should especially invest some time in creating a proper work space.

An ideal study room design for a working professional can be a sleek table that can accommodate laptop, mobile, a table lamp and a notepad. A table with a shelf or two or a drawer and a small cabinet is ideal for this room. This can help keep your laptop bag, stationary items, important documents and other essential stuff systematically. Team it with a comfortable chair so that you can sit comfortably for hours without hurting your back or spraining your neck. 

To make the place appear lively you can place a planter or hang a wind chime. A few posters with motivational quotes can be affixed near the table to stay motivated.

Small Study Room Ideas

small study room design


If you have a small study room then you may make use of innovatively designed furniture to place your stuff systematically. A sleek study table that can accommodate a few essentials such as a table lamp, notepad and a book should suffice your need. We suggest you look for one with a few drawers. A small cabinet can be placed besides the table to keep your belongings safe inside. You can affix a few floating shelves to keep your novels, stationary items, pen stand and other stuff handy. You may spread a rug or place a single bed where you can sit and complete assignments (such as preparing charts or doing art and craft work) that require bigger space.

Go for a bed that has drawers/ cabinets to create enough space to keep various essential items. Make the room lively and colorful by hanging beautiful paintings, wind chimes or placing items that are symbolic of speed and creativity to create the right energy.

Study Room for Group Studies

If you prefer studying in a group and often invite your friends over to complete homework assignments and run through video lectures then it is essential to create an exclusive space where you all can sit and study comfortably. A sleek table that stretches from one corner of the wall to the other is a good choice for you. It should easily accommodate four to five people at a time. You can place your laptops and other essential belongings on this table as you sit to study here. Bring a few chairs to study comfortably. Placing a few shelves above the study table is a good idea as they will act as a good storage space.

It is suggested not to place a bed in such a room. It is better to spread a soft rug and throw a few colourful cushions on it to create comfortable seating arrangement. If you love indoor games you can set a carom board or chess on a small table in one corner. You can enjoy a game or two in between your group study sessions to refresh your mind and focus better. This study room design also works well for families with two or more kids.

Luxurious Study Room Design Idea

If your house exudes luxury and sophistication then you might want to replicate the same in your study room too. This can be done by opting for the right kind of lighting, wall paint and furniture. Texture paint on one of the walls can enhance the ambience instantly. False ceiling embedded with LED lights add to the overall appeal of the room.

Elegant furniture such as a sleek study table and a good quality rotating chair can render the required effect. We also suggest placing a classy couch or bed in one corner. You may place both if there is ample space in the room. A wooden almirah, elegant window blinds and a beautiful lamp shade should complete the look.

study room design ideas

Study Room Decoration Ideas

There are a lot of things that can be used to decorate a study room. We suggest you start with bringing something that adds value to the place. Something which is good as per Vastu Shastra can be placed appropriately in the study room to boost focus and increase productivity as well as creative thinking power.    

One of the things that we recommend placing in the study room is the statue of a horse. Yes, a small statue of a horse can be placed on your study table or on a shelf near or above your study table. The statue of a horse is considered to be a great driving force for students as well as working professionals as it is symbolic of progress and high energy. It will push you to work harder and keep going to reach your goals. Likewise, a small statue of an elephant can be kept at the entrance of your door as it is known to bring in positive energy.

If you have sufficient space then we suggest placing beautiful candle holders with scented candles to fill your room with a sweet aroma. You may light these candles during the evening hours to invite positive energy. However, we suggest placing the candle holders at a good distance from the study table.

Some of the other things that can be used to decorate a study room include lamp shades, fairy lights, flower vases, fresh flowers, indoor plants, wall hangings, wind chimes, paintings, motivational quotes, colorful chests and wall decals. However, we recommend not overdoing it as it will make the place look cluttered and create distraction. It is best to go for a minimalistic look when it comes to study room.  

Designing and decorating a study room is an enjoyable experience. However, it is suggested to follow a systematic approach to deck this space properly. To begin with, you must understand that the room’s furniture, decorative items and overall design varies based on who is going to use it.

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In Conclusion

A study room design for a school going student would be different from that of a professional preparing for MBA or someone who requires working from home. Another thing that requires consideration is the available space. Whether you want to create a simple ambience, luxurious interiors or render a contemporary appeal should also be clear. Once you have answers to all these questions, you can shop for the furniture and other essentials accordingly. The aforementioned information should help you with the task. Do let us know if you require more help in this regard. We shall be glad to share more information on the same.

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