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Article: 10 Single Bed Design Ideas for the Kids Room

10 Single Bed Design Ideas for the Kids Room

10 Single Bed Design Ideas for the Kids Room

Kid’s bedrooms are fun places. Painted in enigmatic colours, this is the place where they spend most of their time. The room needs to be aesthetically appealing and functional too. Storage can be challenging, as they will probably have a lot of board games, toys and books to store.

Coming to the bed; while it has to look attractive and be comfortable, it has to be functional too, and since it occupies a large area in the room, you cannot miss the chance to do the best you can with your choice of bed. Child bedroom designs India, do have a lot of options.

Let’s take a Quick look at some of best ideas

Box beds

Most children’s room have box beds. As far as kids bed designs go these are ideal. They are practical and allow for storage in the framework. You can use this as a storage unit for your guest linen, extra pillows and blankets. The clean lines and functionality make box beds a popular choice. On the down side, access to the storage compartment in some beds is under the mattress. So, to get to the storage space you have to remove the mattress. But having said that, it is a very good option for stuff you don’t need on a regular basis.

Box beds with pull-out drawers

There are times when you need quick access to your storage space in your box bed. A wooden bed with pull out drawers on the side is ideal, as it allows your child to store their games and toys inside. You will be surprised to see how much stuff these drawers can hold. What’s more, they look elegant too. For younger kids, you can put in three drawers on the side instead of two, so that they can easily pull out the drawers.

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Elevated beds with storage space

If you think about it, your single bed for kids takes over a good amount of space. By elevating the bed a few feet higher than normal, you get a lot of storage underneath. What’s more, it is an exciting design for your child. You can tuck a small ladder into the frame to make it easier for your child to climb into the bed. Some railing on the side will ensure your child will not take a tumble when he turns over in his sleep. Your kids will just love this bed!

This bedroom design for small spaces is just the thing you child needs.

Beds with metal frames

Beds in metal are the right touch for that vintage appeal. The empty space under the bed is perfect if you are picky about dust balls gathering in the crevices. Matched with ruffled curtains and pillow covers, this bed is just right for girls and their doll houses.

Single beds with upholstered sides and headboards

Injuries are common with kids, especially if they are tad too boisterous. A padded bed, covered in upholstery is perfect for siblings who like roughing each other up. Besides its functional use, upholstered beds look smart, especially if the fabric is the right colour and design. Once you pair this colour scheme with your wall paint and curtains, the kids room design for boys with be the talk of the town.

Canopy bed

Kids love the world of fairies and elves. And a canopy bed is just the thing for kids who have their heads in the clouds. A canopy bed will transport your kids to the land of Cinderella and Peter Pan, as they cuddled up behind the wispy curtains of this amazing bed.

Surely the perfect gift for a daughter in her teens!

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Single bed with a pull-out bed underneath

When you have a space crunch, pull-out beds are just the thing. The room will have enough floor area for your kids to spread out their train sets or Lego pieces in the day time. The pull-out bed will accommodate your kids easily, come night-time. It is functional and appealing too.

Hunting for the perfect beds can be an exciting venture, not only for you but your kids too. Some points to keep in mind before making the purchase:

  • Furniture that has sharp corners can cause injury, so a well finished wooden bed is ideal.
  • Measure your room size before you set out to buy your bed. That way, you will know what type of bed you should be looking for.
  • Custom-made beds are an option, if you can’t find anything you like in the market.
  • Wooden beds are you best bet, as they are sturdy and have the natural elegance of wood.

Child bedroom furniture design brings out the artist in you. After all, that’s the only place in the house you can go wild with colours and creativity!

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