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Article: A Complete Room-Wise Interior Furniture Design Guide

A Complete Room-Wise Interior Furniture Design Guide

A Complete Room-Wise Interior Furniture Design Guide

It is said that your home is an extension of you. It is a reflection of your taste, lifestyle and even your dreams and aspirations. The way your house is designed and decorated impacts your mind, ideas and overall well being. Each room in a house holds a special significance and must be designed differently by incorporating various kinds of interior furniture design ideas.

In this article, we have provided a detailed account of furniture and interior design ideas that can be used to design various rooms in your home to augment their ambience. Read on to find out!

Interior Bedroom Furniture Design

Bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. The interior furniture for this room must be comfortable yet stylish. A bed is without doubt an integral part of a bedroom. A wooden bed teamed with soft and comfortable bedding is an ideal choice for all kinds of bedrooms whether they are big, small, luxurious or simple. A number of designs are available when it comes to wooden beds. You can select one based on your taste, budget as well as the ambience you wish to create.

In addition to a master bed, you can pick a beautiful side table and place it besides your bed. If the room size allows, you may pick two side tables and place one on each side of the bed. You can adorn them with a beautiful table cloth or leave them as it is. You may place a lamp shade on this bedroom interior furniture to enhance the look.

It is also a good idea to keep a pair of doves or swans in your bedroom. These are said to be a symbol of love and harmony. Placing these in the bedroom is said to promote a blissful married life.

If your bedroom is large enough then you may place a dressing table in one corner. Alternatively, you may add two wooden chairs and a small table to create a small sitting space in your room. Many people prefer keeping their TV in the bedroom. You may include an innovatively designed TV cabinet to your bedroom to place the television and accommodate other essential items systematically.

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Interior Furniture for Living Room

Most people get their living room interiors designed by professionals. After all, this is the place where you welcome your guests and it has to look prim and proper. Living room interior furniture mainly includes a sofa set. There is a vast variety when it comes to sofas. They come in various designs and sizes to match different requirements.

The material used to craft sofas also differs largely. You will find sofas made with materials such as leather, linen, wood, wrought iron and polyester to name a few. Wooden sofas have been in vogue since years and continue to remain the top choice among buyers. They add to the beauty of all kinds of interiors.

The ones made with high quality wood are a class apart. They not only look classy but are also highly durable. A centre table, side table, a stylish wooden cabinet, floating shelves are some of the other common living room furniture interior design items. There is no dearth of variety when it comes to these items. Look for the ones that complement your sofa and overall ambience.

In addition to this, you can look for beautiful antique items or unique show pieces to enhance the appeal of your room. For instance, a beautifully crafted wooden elephant can be a good choice for your living room. It goes well with all kinds of interiors and also has a special significance as per the ancient Indian science of architecture, Vastu Shastra. It is said that elephant statues should be kept near the entrance door to attract positive energy and good luck. If there is space constraint, you can hang a small elephant door bracket facing the north direction.

Likewise, you can place beautiful candle holders on the shelves, cabinet or showcase and burn scented candles during the evening hours to invite positive vibes.

Room Interior Design Office Furniture Ideas

If there is a small room in your house that cannot be used as a bedroom or a guest room then you can go ahead and turn it into a peaceful corner to study or work. It can be a perfect spot for those who work from home. You can create a small home office by placing a sturdy wooden table and chair. This should be the only small room interior furniture here. You can place an indoor plant besides the table, hang a small white board and add window blinds to complete the look.

Add colour to your workstation by placing a creative pen holder and an award or trophy you may have won. A horse’s statue is also said to be ideal for workstation. Horses are said to be symbolic of energy, strength and progress. Thus, this addition brings in good energy and drives you to achieve your goals.

Furniture Children's Room Interior Design

Designing kids’ room can be a challenging task as there are so many furniture interior design ideas to deck this space. A wide variety of furniture items are available for kids’ rooms. Such variety often makes it difficult to decide which items to choose and which ones to avoid. To begin with, you can replace the simple flooring of your kids' room with wooden flooring or spread a wall to wall carpet to create a safer environment. A vibrant wall paper or a beautiful wall decal can further add to its appeal.

Next, choose a comfortable bed. A low height bed is a good choice if your kids are still young. You can get simple ones or one with drawers on the side. There are several designs when it comes to normal height beds for kids. It is suggested not to go for a very elaborate interior decoration furniture design as it can be difficult to maintain. In addition, a robust study table and chair must form a part of your kids’ room. If you have two kids then go for a longer table and two matching chairs. If the room is spacious enough then a swing can be excellent home interior furniture item to enhance its ambience.

If your kids’ room is in the eastern side then it is a good idea to place a lion statue here.  It is believed to boost self confidence and bring in success. You can hang a dart board, stick a few motivation quotes on the wall and add happy family pictures to their room to make it more vibrant.

Pooja Room Interior with Furniture

Readymade temples in various sizes and designs are available in the market. You will get these in different materials such as wood, fibre and marble. While the marble ones look attractive, they are quite heavy and quite expensive too. The fibre ones draw attention owing to their sleek appearance but these are delicate and there is risk of catching fire. Wooden temples are thus considered best for homes. These are strong, durable and easy to maintain. They come in a variety of designs. Get one with a few drawers and ample space to accommodate the pictures and statues of all the deities you worship.

The temple must be placed in the north east corner to generate positive energy in the house. In addition to the wooden temple, you may place a ceramic pot planted with holy basil. You can also keep a wooden rack at one side to store items such as holy books, incense sticks, ghee/oil, camphor, moli, roli, pooja thaali and the likes. You can place oil diffusers or candle holders on the rack and light them during evening to fill the space with positivity.

Guest Room Furniture Interior

Choose good quality home interior furniture to make the guest room as comfortable and welcoming as you can. To begin with, add a wooden bed and soft bedding and linen to the space. Next, you can place a side table with a lamp. A small cupboard in a corner can help them arrange their stuff systematically during their stay. If there is enough space in the room then you may add a chair or two to create a comfortable sitting space for your guests. Don't forget to affix a full size mirror in the room. If possible you can place a small vanity table in a corner to add to the feel good factor. You may add a nice painting, pastel shade curtains and a soft rug to enhance the ambience.

Dining Room Wooden Furniture Room Interior

A dining room must have a dining table, of course. But many people make the mistake of sticking to a standard 6 chair dining table even though they don't require it. It is a good idea to browse through an array of beautiful four chair dining tables if you are a family of two or four more so if the dining area in your house is not spacious enough. An innovative utility rack or crockery cabinet can be placed in a corner to accommodate crockery items. You can place a fruit basket on the rack or in the middle of the dining table. Don’t forget to add a stylish cutlery cum tissue holder at the dining table. You can even create a mini bar in a corner of your dining room.

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Kitchen Interior Furniture

A kitchen is one of the most important places in a household. It must be designed strategically to accommodate a wide variety of items used in cooking and serving. These days most households have modular kitchens that require no further furniture and fittings. However, if you still have the good old conventional style kitchen that often falls short when it comes to storing stuff then placing a cabinet or two can help. You can also place stylish racks to keep your vegetables, water bottles, groceries and other stuff systematically. A number of beautiful racks and cabinets especially designed for kitchen needs are available in the market.

If you have a big enough kitchen, you can place a table and two chairs to create a peaceful corner where you can enjoy your morning tea. This space can also be used to sit and chop vegetables, knead dough and perform other similar tasks.

To enhance the ambience of your kitchen, you may place a few planters, a designer basket filled with goodies or an antique item in a corner.  

Tips while Choosing Interior Furniture

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing furniture for different rooms.


You may be tempted to buy furniture items that look beautiful and are reasonably priced. However, in doing so you must not neglect the quality factor. It is important to pay close attention to the quality of the product you are buying so that it lasts long and can be put to best use.

After all, you don't want to go through the whole process of browsing, short listing and selecting the furniture interiors over and over again.


The design of the furniture items must also be chosen cautiously. You will find a wide variety of beautiful furniture styles and designs in the market. However, it should be understood that not everything that looks good in the showroom will look good in your home. While selecting interior furniture design for your home you must ensure that it matches the overall ambience of the room and helps enhance it.


Browsing through online furniture stores, you will find several beautiful furniture items as well as decorative pieces and may be tempted to bring them home. However, before you go ahead and purchase them squeeze in a minute and assess whether you really require them or not? Will they serve any purpose or just crowd your space? If they don't serve any utility then there is no point buying them.

In conclusion

We hope this article will help you design your interiors beautifully. The key is to select each interior furniture item carefully after examining its quality and utility. You must also see to it that the design you choose goes well with the ambience of your room. In addition to furniture items, bring home beautiful decorative pieces to add colour to your interiors.

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