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Article: Ideas to Include the Timeless Wooden Diwan in Your Home

Ideas to Include the Timeless Wooden Diwan in Your Home

Ideas to Include the Timeless Wooden Diwan in Your Home

Redecorating your home is an exciting journey. And in all probability, you will hunt for couches, sofa chairs and the occasional tables to complete your décor. But, did you know that diwans can add style and pizzazz to your décor? Yes, even if you have a contemporary, rustic or vintage décor, the diwan will fit in perfectly, adding its own charm to the room.

Diwans first appeared in ancient Persia and were used as low seating, with cushions and mattresses for added comfort. Bolsters were ideal for diwans and used as backrests. Diwans are versatile and can fit into any décor, once you tweak the upholstery to match your design.

Diwans are perfect for any area of the home, and what’s more, they are portable too! Confused? Let’s explore the ways in which you can add a diwan to your décor and elevate the design quotient.

Adding oomph to your living room decor

Diwan’s add an element of intrigue to a room. You can opt for a traditional feel and embellish it with wooden mirror work cushions and bolsters, or transform the diwan with upholstery matching your room décor. Once you add a few modern throw cushions on your diwan, it will add appeal to your room. You can follow the basic colour scheme, and yet have the diwan stun the décor with geometric patterns or simple checks or strips. A medley of different patterned cushions in the same colour tones is the way to go.

Perfect fit for a foyer

If space permits, the diwan in the entrance lobby is an excellent way to spruce up that unused space. A narrow diwan works well as a relaxing area at the point of entry. For added charm, you can put up a few miniature paintings or mirrors on the wall behind. It could turn out to be the perfect place to lace up your shoes!

Diwans as window seats

Diwans work very well, hugging a low window. They make the perfect place for you to relax in. Diwans without backrests work better in this setting. You can read you book or spend time contemplating as you take in the view from your window.

The plus point? You can convert it into a bed at night! This is ideal, if you have space constraints, or if you have unexpected guests dropping by.

Diwans as part of your living room seating area

Plonking a tastefully upholstered diwan opposite your seating area gives your room a cosy feel. Your diwan can have a low backrest, or unholstered sides, it doesn’t matter. All designs work well in this setting.

Create that special place

A nook in your room is ideal for diwans. You can give it your own style element, be it vintage, traditional or Moroccan. Once you have decided on the mood, you can select the upholstery and cushions as per your style. A Moroccan lamp works extremely well, giving your room a romantic feel. The same goes for other styles. You can pair up your diwan with suitable lamps, paintings or even mirrors. To add class to this lovely corner, you can paint your wall in vibrant colours.

Diwans-ideal for extra storage

Diwans have a lot of room under their box-like structure, ideal for storing your guest linen, blankets and pillows. This makes it easy to prepare the bed for sudden guests. And in the morning, all you need to do is fold the blankets and put them in the storage.

Diwans are versatile and stylish, if you know exactly what to do with them, and where to place them. And you will be surprised how a diwan can transform your space and provide you more comfort than you give it credit for.

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