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Article: 7 Essential Tips for Handling Your Wooden Sofa with Care

7 Essential Tips for Handling Your Wooden Sofa with Care

7 Essential Tips for Handling Your Wooden Sofa with Care

A wooden sofa is often the highlight of a living room in most Indian households. It has a vintage charm that lends timeless appeal to your setting. Thanks to its strength and durability, a wooden sofa can stand by you for decades and can be passed on from one generation to the next. However, even the highest quality wood is susceptible to wear and tear from regular usage.

Smart care tips you can try today

Now, wooden sofa sets, tables, stools, chairs etc. are some of the widely used and abused pieces of furniture in any household. So, a little care and maintenance is all that is needed to keep these looking elegant. Care can prolong the lifespan of the wood as well.  

Here are some easy care and handling tips to keep your wooden sofa and other furniture robust and attractive for years to come.

  1. Prevent rings and heat damage – Ring marks from cups and glasses can spoil the appearance of wooden armrests. So, it’s always a good idea to use coasters, so as to avoid spills and water marks. Also, never place hot plates directly on any wooden surface, as it can lead to heat marks and discoloration.
  2. Dust and clean regularly – Dust your wooden furniture every day to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt. Use a clean and soft microfiber cloth for dusting. If your furniture needs a thorough cleaning, use water and a mild cleaning solution. Spray it on the surface and wipe it off with a clean damp cloth. Take care not to wet your furniture though, as water can cause the wood to rot. Restrict cleaning to once or twice a week. As long you’re dusting regularly, it is fine.
  3. Environmental damage – Whether you have bought a wooden sofa online or from a store, do not leave it outside. Exposure to sunlight can cause marks on the surface which can dull its appearance. Similarly, rain and wind can cause damage to the furniture, making it lose its shine.
  4. Avoid sharp objects – Be mindful of any sharp objects near the furniture, especially when you are moving sofas around. Take care not to rub the sofa against walls or edges as it can cause abrasions and scratches. Something you don’t want ever!
  5. Treat wear and tear quickly – Even with the best of care, wooden furniture can sometimes get subjected to minor scratches and abrasions. Luckily, there are liquid wooden polishes available in the market that are perfect for treating slight wear and tear and can restore the lost lustre.
  6. Odour from storage – Sometimes, wood can develop an unpleasant odour if it is stored in a closed space. Sprinkle some baking soda and leave a piece of charcoal on your sofa to absorb that smell. Leave the sofa outside in the shade for some time. The smell will vanish and your furniture will smell fresh and inviting.
  7. Oil and wax your sofa periodically – Now, this will depend on the wooden finish. For oil-based finishes, use a little wood oil and rub it on the wood with the help of a soft cloth. Leave it on. You can also use furniture wax. Polishing will restore the shine and finish of your sofa and brighten up its appearance. To know what type of polish is needed for the finish, make sure you ask the seller for instructions.
So, you can see that taking care of wooden furniture isn’t that hard or time-consuming.  A little effort can go a long way in keeping your wooden sofa fresh, elegant, and durable like when you first bought it. Go on, apply these simple yet useful tips, and thank us later.

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