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What are the Situation in which my Order can be Delayed?

As Soon as the order is placed, we start the work as soon as possible. Before the Product reaches to customer, Several Steps or Process have to be completed, Which are:-

  • Re-Check for Any Possible Defects.
  • Re-Finish
  • Packing
  • Drop Test (For Fragile Products)
  • Product Pick up is Scheduled (by us)
  • Product is Picked up & Shipped
  • Product is Delivered

The Events/ Situation/ Circumstances which are Responsible for the delay:-

  • In Rainy Season or High Humidity Climate, finishing is not possible & In some cases Manufacturing is Halted till Appropriate Environment is not there. Being a Natural Product, the wood is Subjected to Climatic Changes. Wood May React & we may not get the desired End-Product, if we rush the Production.
  • Regarding Shipping, Events like Roadblock, Traffic Jam, Diversion, Human-Error, Natural Disaster i.e Floods/ Earthquake & Etc.