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FAQs for Products

1. What do you mean by Natural Solid wood?
Although we try to mention the wood type but sometime, We want to offer what is best within reasonable price, So what we do is try to procure best possible Matured & Seasoned wood overlooking it's type. So it's Premium & High quality product within reasonable price point. 

2. What Grade of Teak wood do you use?
We Procure our teak wood from Different part's of country, Mainly from Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu. Here again, We look for Seasoned & Matured teak wood.

3. What type of Fabric is used?
We use High quality Polyester, Velvet or Cotton.

4. What is the quality of foam which is used?
We use 32 or 40 Density foam based on where the foam is used.

5. Do you provide assembly services for the Beds?
Please check this link Assembly Services

      For more info visit FAQs page OR Contact us