Is The Payment Link Secured?

Payment Links are securely generated web links that customers can click to make online payments. For More info We Suggest Reading This Article.

Do you Provide GST Invoice?

Yes, But Please Provide your G.S.T No. before Product is Dispatched.

What's the Tax Rate for your Products?

Currently the Product we are selling are Taxed at 18%.

In Which State your Business Operates?

Rajasthan – 08

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, We are Manufacturer/Exporters of Handicrafts Products. Currently We do not Accept Overseas Order Directly. To Purchase Product from Overseas, Contact us at Sales@woodsala.com

How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery time will be based on Individual Product Dispatch time and Courier Company Delivery Time. Normally Average Dispatch time is 7 Days. So,Where the Order will be Delivered Determine the Delivery Time.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We Use Shipping Courier Based on their Overall Ratings. We Generally Ship Through FedEx.If you have Specific Requirement or Special Recommendation, Contact us at Sales@woodsala.com

Can i Schedule my own Pick-up or Delivery Services?

Yes, if you Want, you can Pickup the Item Personally or Schedule a Third Party Service. Just Drop us a Mail regarding your Purchase and we will Send you a Mail Containing Payment Link.
We Ship from Jodhpur,Rajasthan,India.
Note:- We will Try to Give you Accurate Date & Time for the Pickup, But Unforeseen Events may happen, Resulting in a Delay.

How do you Pack?

Typically we Pack the Products in two ways :- 
   1. Product will be packed into bubble and corrugate paper. then the Product will be Placed in Wooden Crates. 
   2. Product will be packed into bubble then placed into corrugated box. 
We Use Foam to Protect Corner's.

Do you Offer Custom Packing?

We can Pack the Products as Per Buyer Requirement. We also offer Custom Labels/Branding as Per Buyer Requirement.

Why is the Actual Product Different from the Product Images on the Site?

Every Effort is Made to Present the Image as Close as Possible with the Actual Product., But Still Camera Angel, Reflection, Lighting Conditions, Camera Equipment, Software Processing Algorithm, Device Monitor on which you Display website, Etc. affect's the Image.
& Also Each piece of Wood is unique on its own. Same type of wood will have Different Grains, Textures, Etc.

Do you Keep Stock of Products which you Sell on Site?

Overall It depends upon the Product Market Demand, if a Product is one of Trending Product, There is a High Chance, it is in a Good Quantity. So for Limited Products we Keep Stock for rest To Store Such a Large no. of Products in Good Quantity, Put Pressure on our Resources from which we can Continuously Manufacture new Sample, Complete Order.
In the End Not Keeping Stock is Good for Customer because if a Customer Require Changes on a Product it can be done Easily with Cost Effectiveness.

Are all Product Information Accurate?

No, Product Weight, Sizes, Texture, Finish, Polish, etc will Vary from Product to Product. We Try our Best to Match as Close as Possible with the Sample.

Can I get my product personalized?

Yes, Sure. It will be Great for us to Deliver your Product as you wanted !!!  We can Change the Polish/Finish/Color and Do Little Alterations in the Design. 
Note:- No Changes will be Accepted if Product is Finalized or Crossed the Production line.

Do you Offer Wholesale Prices for Bulk Order?

Yes, for more Information Contact us at sales@woodsala.com with Product Details and Quantity Required.

Is Price Mentioned Includes Taxes & Shipping?

Most of the Prices Shown on the Site are The Prices Inclusive of Tax(18%) and Shipping Charges. 

What is Tax Rate for the Products you Sell?

Currently We Sell Handicrafts/Furniture Products on the Tax Rate of 18%

Can I return my product?

Yes, We Offer return up to 7 Days on Basis of Manufacturing Defects. For More Info Contact us at Sales@woodsala.com

Can i Cancel my Order?

Yes, But Certain Charges will be Deducted based on Product Production Line Status. 
It will be Good for us and You as a Customer, if you Convey us as Soon as Possible.

Do you Refund Shipping Charges Also?


Why Do you Deduct Charges, if the Product has not Been Delivered and i Cancel it?

After Order Placement, the Work is Started on the Product. The Raw Material, Labor, Polish, Supervision, Rent, Electricity, Etc. Expenses are Started. 
That's Why The Sooner Message is Conveyed, The Better it is for both of us.

What is the Meaning of Primary Material ?

Visually, There is no Difference between Primary or 100% Material. For Example :- A Book is not Entirely Made up of Paper, Certain Chemicals like Glue, Ink, Etc are used but Still it is said, Books are Paper Products.

The Material (i.e Wood) is Treated?

Yes, Treated & Dried. Seasoned Wood

Any Other Question?

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.