Important Info

Please Take the Pictures or Video and Then Contact us!

We would also require the Outer Packaging Photo(s) as to ascertain the Cause of Damage.

As of 08-Sept-2020, Delivery is open to 5,000+ Pin Codes.

No, Due to Certain regulations and Govt. regulations, Transit Time or Delivery Time will not be accurate but we will Try our best to project best possible Delivery Date. Its Taking Minimum of 8 Days for Some Pin Codes.

The Situation is changing every now and then. For Once, it was normal & then now, its out of the reach. We Want to Serve Each & Every Customer, but sometimes, the conditions are not favorable to us. The Reason, we Cancelled is that Govt. Regulations, Un-Serviceable Pin Code or Restriction on movement. We try our best to Update the Shipping System, but Sometimes the Change is Just too Fast for us to keep up with it!

Note : - We will Refund 100% Amount (No Hidden Charges)

We Understand your concern and want to convey, we are following the situation, as from Placing the order to Delivery of the Order, We at Woodsala, Ensures the Process is as smooth as possible. 

We Understand Due to some unforeseen situation, The Shipment has been Delayed at one Location for Far Too Long Period and This does not normally Happen, But in Extra Ordinary Situation like COVID19, The Drastic Steps have to be taken.

We Continuously Monitor the Customer Shipments, and If we find any thing which is not normal, A Complaint is Raised from our Behalf, as to why the Shipment is Late.

Our Message to Customer is that, It is Our Duty to Ensure the Delivery is Made as Soon as Possible along with All the Standards of Safety and Precautions.

Refund & Cancellation

After Order Placement, the Work is Started on the Product. The Raw Material, Labor, Polish, Supervision, Rent, Electricity, Etc. Expenses are Started. 
That's Why The Sooner Message is Conveyed, The Better it is for both of us. 


Yes, But Certain Charges will be Deducted based on Product Production Line Status. 
It will be Good for us and You as a Customer, if you Convey us as Soon as Possible. 

No Refund will be processed in Custom Order or Product having any type of Customisation

Shipping & Tracking

Yes, if you Want, you can Pickup the Product Personally or Schedule a Third Party Service.

We Ship from Jodhpur,Rajasthan,India.

Note:- We will Try to Give you Accurate Date & Time for the Pickup, But Unforeseen Events may happen, Resulting in a Delay. 

Please Check your SMS or E-Mail for Tracking Message. Or Please Login into the Woodsala and Check Orders.

You can also visit Track Order  

We Use Shipping Courier Based on their Overall Ratings. We Generally Ship Through FedEx.If you have Specific Requirement or Special Recommendation, Contact us at 

We work with Professional Courier Company who have Decades of Experiences in there respective Field. They Deploy various Checks, methods and use of Machine/Computer to update the Tracking Information on Real Time Basis. In Some Rare case, Error or Fault may Occur, but it can be easily rectified with a Dialogue.

Delivery time will be based on Individual Product Dispatch time and Courier Company Delivery Time. Normally Average Dispatch time is 7 Days. So,Where the Order will be Delivered Determine the Delivery Time. 

Please Contact us via E-Mail with your Registered Mail ID, With Following Details:-

Order No.Old AddressNew AddressProduct Name

Changing Address may Incur Additional Charges which has to be paid before the delivery of the product.

Note:- We may Contact to verify the Authenticity of the Request with contact information provided when Order was placed.