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Wooden Carved Green Distressed Mirror Mirror
Wooden Square Mirror (golden) Mirror
Wooden Square Mirror (golden) Sale price₹ 3,999.00
Wooden Square Mirror leaf style Mirror
Wooden Square Mirror leaf style Sale price₹ 3,999.00
Wooden Sun flames carved round mirror Mirror


Create Powerful Style Statements in Your Home with Beautiful Wooden Mirror Frame

Mirror, mirror on the wall - tell me which is the best-looking room of them all!

Before you look for a wooden mirror frame online, you would have realized that mirrors truly are a very powerful style statement that can be used in a number of spaces including residential, commercial and many others. A mirror in a wooden frame is a thing of beauty unlike any other. But have you ever wondered why? A mirror adds reflection and multiplies your space for miles because all you have to do is place and watch how it expands all that its reflection touches.

A Must-Have Décor Item for Your Living Space

The sheer luxury of mirrored surroundings is what makes a mirror a must-have in your home. You can buy a wooden mirror frame online for this sophisticated effect. Placing a mirror with a wooden frame is something that can elevate the style status of your home. But here, do not merely pay attention to the mirror, but also to the frame since this is what will tie it in with the rest of your decor statement in the room where you place it.

Buy Some Beautiful Yet Durable Wooden Mirror Frame

The mirror frame wooden is something that can come in many different styles that will suit contemporary, classic, ethnic and many other kinds of styles. The wooden frame for the mirror can have carving on it so that you get to enjoy tendrils of style peeping out from within leaves and other figurines as well. You can choose ethnic pieces that bring in classic Indian forms and figures for your wood mirror frames. These kinds of frames should be placed in a room that has ethnic delights like floor cushions, carved couches, low bajot chowkis, brass artifacts and urns as well as plenty of fresh flowers and handloom style upholstery.

Keep the Desi Appeal On with Wooden Mirror Frame Online

In an Indian setting, this kind of frames would add much texture and layers. These textures would come through with the teak wood that has been carved meticulously to elevate the overall beauty of the space. This can also add textures and layers since the various angles catch the light in different ways thanks to the shapes that have been carved on to the frame. If you place such a frame in the foyer, you can also add wall shelves underneath with mats and brass artifacts in order to add to the ethnic vibe of the space with just a few small touches!

Get Different Options for Wooden Mirror Frames

Now, let us move on to painted wood mirror frames. If you are looking for something kitschy and quirky, you can add this mirror or a series of them on a large blank white wall which can easily get a lift thanks to this dose of dress up for the home! The wooden mirror frame for the bathroom, the living room and the bedroom, be it carved or painted, can actually bring in just the right amount of beauty.

Spruce Up Your Rooms with Wooden Framed Mirrors

If you are placing wooden mirror frames in the bedroom, you would do well to choose a long or tall one that can help you see your reflection once you are dressed and ready to go out and face the world. You should add sleek and simple shelves on the side so that you can place your essentials on them and create a neat and organized look. Place a pretty wall mounted lamp over the mirror so that there would be plenty of the right kind of light for you to get dressed and click a selfie before you leave!

A bathroom mirror would have to be round or square depending on the space that is available. If it is a large bathroom, you can also place a rectangular wooden frame mirror that can really make the space look luxurious!