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Traditional Premium Glass

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Clay Sikhora Glass
Clay Sikhora Sale priceFrom ₹ 299.00
Light Toned Cup and Platter Set (Set of 6 & 1 Tray) Glass
Cup and Platter Set (Set of 6 & 1 Tray) Glass


Traditional premium wooden glass products combine the delicate charm of glass with the unmistakable beauty of wood to create stunning and elegant works of art.

These products are expertly planned and made by artists with extensive knowledge of the materials and processes used.

These glass objects' wooden frames are made from sturdy, high-quality timbers like mahogany, oak, walnut, or cherry. The choice of wood is important since it affects the item's overall durability and appearance. Depending on the desired style, the wood is precisely molded, carved, and polished to produce elaborate shapes, patterns, or smooth finishes.

These objects' glass components are chosen with care and trimmed to fit their timber frames. It is possible to use clear glass for picture frames, stained or frosted glass for ornamental panels, or tempered glass for tabletops and protective coatings, depending on the intended function of the object. The glass is carefully put in place to ensure a tight fit that accentuates its transparency or aesthetic characteristics.

Traditional, high-end hardwood and glass products come in a variety of shapes, each with its own function and aesthetic appeal for any setting. Picture frames with wooden, inlays or carvings offer a classy method to exhibit priceless mementos and artwork. Stained or frosted glass decorative panels can be utilized as attractive window coverings or room separators to diffuse light and lend a sense of refinement to interiors. A compelling display for valued goods or treasures can be made using coffee tables, cabinets, or vitrines with glass tops or panels, fusing practicality with aesthetic elegance.

These goods' allure stems from their ability to deftly combine enduring craftsmanship with a dash of modern design. They exhibit the transparency and light-refracting properties of glass while emulating the warmth and natural beauty of wood. For individuals who value the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into their creation, traditional premium wooden glass objects are ideal. They lend a sense of sophistication and elegance to any home or workplace environment.