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Box (Sanduk)

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Fan Diamond Box Wooden Box
Fan Diamond Box Sale price₹ 3,096.00
Nine Compartment Box Wooden Box
Nine Compartment Box Sale price₹ 3,281.00
Flip Open Box Wooden Box
Flip Open Box Sale price₹ 3,096.00
Clear Square Box Wooden Box
Clear Square Box Sale price₹ 3,306.00
Limited StockSaleSave 31%Striped Checks Pattern Wooden Box
Striped Checks Pattern Sale price₹ 3,999.00 Regular price₹ 5,800.00
Square Pattern Box Wooden Box
Square Pattern Box Sale price₹ 3,096.00
Abstract Art Box Wooden Box
Abstract Art Box Sale price₹ 2,216.00
Limited StockSaleSave 28%Pinned Diamond Box Wooden Box
Pinned Diamond Box Sale price₹ 4,199.00 Regular price₹ 5,800.00
Limited StockSaleSave 13%Star Sprangled Box Wooden Box
Star Sprangled Box Sale price₹ 3,899.00 Regular price₹ 4,499.00
Limited StockSaleSave 28%Starry Box Wooden Box
Starry Box Sale price₹ 4,199.00 Regular price₹ 5,800.00
Chessboard Panel Box Wooden Box
Chessboard Panel Box Sale price₹ 3,219.00
Limited StockSaleSave 13%Striped Fan Box Wooden Box
Striped Fan Box Sale price₹ 3,899.00 Regular price₹ 4,499.00
Checkered Branch Box Wooden Box
Checkered Branch Box Sale price₹ 2,216.00
Peekaboo Striped Box Wooden Box
Peekaboo Striped Box Sale price₹ 4,445.00
Checkered Diamond Box Wooden Box
Checkered Diamond Box Sale price₹ 2,216.00
Checkered Tile Box Wooden Box
Checkered Tile Box Sale price₹ 3,219.00
Five Compartment Box Wooden Box
Five Compartment Box Sale price₹ 3,343.00
Limited StockSaleSave 40%Contemporary Hexagon Box Wooden Box
Contemporary Hexagon Box Sale price₹ 3,499.00 Regular price₹ 5,800.00
Swastika Pattern Box Wooden Box
Swastika Pattern Box Sale price₹ 4,432.00
3D Fun Box Wooden Box
3D Fun Box Sale price₹ 4,333.00
Roomy Fan Box Wooden Box
Roomy Fan Box Sale price₹ 4,445.00
Fan Patterned Box Wooden Box
Fan Patterned Box Sale price₹ 3,343.00
Curved Sides Box Wooden Box
Curved Sides Box Sale price₹ 3,405.00
Diamond Top Box Wooden Box
Diamond Top Box Sale price₹ 3,096.00
Striped Square Box Wooden Box
Striped Square Box Sale price₹ 3,096.00
Hexagonal Inlay Box Wooden Box
Hexagonal Inlay Box Sale price₹ 4,445.00
Square Star Box Wooden Box
Square Star Box Sale price₹ 3,690.00
Sun Pattern Box Wooden Box
Sun Pattern Box Sale price₹ 4,445.00


A wooden box is a multipurpose container built entirely or mostly of wood, also known as a "sanduk" in some places. It is made to carry, store, and safeguard diverse objects. Wooden boxes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit a variety of needs and tastes.

Typically, these boxes are made from solid wood, such as oak, pine, cedar, or mahogany, which is prized for its sturdiness and beauty. To improve its appearance or offer further protection against moisture and other external elements, the wood used can be stained, varnished, or painted. It can also be kept natural.

Strong, stable structure with interlocking or fastened connections is a hallmark of wooden boxes. The box's lid or top cover is hinged or detachable, making it simple to access the contents. A latch or lock mechanism may be included on some boxes to protect the contents against theft.

Storage is one of the main uses for wooden boxes. They can hold a wide range of objects, including tools, stationery, and paperwork, as well as personal belongings, keepsakes, and jewellery. Wooden boxes can be used as larger storage containers for heavier objects or for organising minor accessories, depending on their size and style.

Wooden boxes are also well-liked for their ornamental qualities. They are visually beautiful and excellent for display in homes or offices since they can be finely carved or decorated with elaborate patterns. Decorative wooden boxes are frequently used to keep safe special keepsakes, cherished family heirlooms, or priceless artefacts.

Wooden boxes are also useful for transportation. They are frequently used to pack and carry delicate or fragile goods safely in sectors like shipping and logistics. These boxes offer impact resistance and can be modified with extra padding or compartments to protect the goods during transit.

In addition to being useful, wooden boxes have a classic appeal that adds a touch of cosiness and refinement to any environment. Many people seeking a classic look are drawn to the rustic or traditional aesthetic created by its natural wood grain and textures.

Sanduks, or hardwood boxes, are an all-purpose solution for transportation, storage, and organisation needs. They are a well-liked option for both individuals and organisations because to its dependability, practicality, and visual appeal. Wooden boxes blend practicality with enduring beauty when used as storage containers or decorative elements.