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Uber Stylish Wooden Bajot Bajot
Uber Stylish Wooden Bajot Sale price₹ 4,399.00
Rectangular Strong Bajot Bajot
Rectangular Strong Bajot Sale price₹ 3,899.00
Elegant TEAK Wooden Bajot (Natural Plain) Bajot
Treeni Wooden Hexagonal Traditional Bajot Default Title Bajot
Dasam Traditional TEAK Wood Octagonal Bajot/Choki Bajot
Round Legs Rectangular Bajot Bajot
Round Legs Rectangular Bajot Sale price₹ 3,299.00
Limited StockSaleSave 35%Natural Tone Wooden Bajot Bajot
Natural Tone Wooden Bajot Sale price₹ 4,850.00 Regular price₹ 7,499.00
Praracana Traditional Signature Bajot Bajot
Slim Box Shaped Bajot Bajot
Slim Box Shaped Bajot Sale price₹ 3,899.00
Mandala Vintage Marwari TEAK Wood Bajot Bajot
Limited StockSaleSave 38%Black-Hued Brass fitted TEAK Wood Bajot Bajot
Black-Hued Brass fitted TEAK Wood Bajot Sale price₹ 5,890.00 Regular price₹ 9,500.00
Simple Four Legged Bajot Bajot
Simple Four Legged Bajot Sale price₹ 4,299.00
Traditional Wooden Carved Bajot Bajot
Rounded Corner Wooden Bajot (Natural Touch) Bajot
Ridged Sides Wooden Bajot (Natural Touch) Bajot


Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home with Wooden Bajot

There is something so quaint and charming about a bajot. This low-slung stool is possibly the only element that can blend into any kind of style that your home may have adopted. Whether it is contemporary or ethnic, this piece of furniture can lift and elevate your larger pieces of decor to stylish heights. For a wooden bajot online, you should ensure that you turn to a trusted name that will give you stellar craftsmanship values along with designs like none other.

An Indian Bajot Table is Versatile and Stylish at the Same Time

You can buy a wooden bajot and bring it home to fulfill a number of needs. Starting from a wooden bajot for puja or prayers, to a bajot for sitting, you can use the bajot chowki for many varied needs. This low stool with its different types of shoes and carving can bring in a rich design element into your home.

Decorate Your Living Spaces Your Way with Affordable Wooden Bajots

To begin with, when we see or think of a bajot, we instantly thing of a wooden bajot for puja which can be used for prayers. You can place it on the floor and place your statues and other items on this. Imagine this bajot in a hexagon shape with a pretty mat which lights up the corner. Place a few flowers and give this space a Zen like meditative calm that can propel you to lose yourself in introspection and prayer like none other.

Make Stylish Seating Arrangements at Home with Bajots

The bajot for sitting is also another kind of Bajot that can be used around the house. There are many corners of the home where you would need informal and casual seating where you can lounge around - and just be! Imagine this corner to be between the balcony and the formal living room. There would be windows and swishing sheer white curtains block printed with dainty colors and patterns. Right next to the window, there would be a pile of books, a run and a few floor cushions. So, what would you need in order to complete this corner? A bajot, of course!

Wooden Bajots Can Have Multiple Usages

This bajot can be used for sitting and it can also be used for a platform where you can place your coffee mug while you read and drink, and also a place where you can place your reading glasses when you want to shut the book and just take in the beauty of the prose you have just read. Apart from this, the bajot chowki can also be used for other decorative purposes in a more formal space.

Durable Wooden Bajots are Totally in Style

The decorative chowki can be used in pairs in either corner of the living room so that you can place large decorative Ming vases or brass urns on them. This will not only ground the room, but it will also give your space a much-needed luxurious lift that can create some sort of symmetrical balance as well. You would do well to choose bajots that come with different shapes like hexagons and squares or even circles. You should choose the carving on the lower periphery as well as the legs with care so that it matches the overall theme of the living room. Layer the chowki with mats and place small white and other crystal-like stone on top before you place the vases or urns.

So, the wooden bajot for sitting or the bajot for Puja, or the bajot used for any other purpose can help you give a subtle lift to your surroundings with layers that are solid. This will help you do more with less, in the true sense of the phrase. The decorative aspect also remains the perfect foundation for the items you place on it. Are you opting to buy bajot online?