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Tray Table

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Folding Wooden Tray Table Tray Table
Folding Wooden Tray Table Sale price₹ 3,999.00
Country Wood Black Accent Table Tray Table
Country Wood Black Accent Table Sale price₹ 17,900.00


Why Your Home Deserves to Have a Tray Table

You may have picked up a coffee table and side tables for your living room but have you ever considered a tray table? Tray tables are a slightly different version of side tables with raised sides like in a serving tray. These make them especially useful to hold items like brassware or crystal without fear of them sliding off the edges. Tray tables are novelty pieces of furniture that can add to the elegance of your living room or adorn plain corners or nooks in other areas of your home. Here’s what you need to know when you set out to buy a tray table.

Kinds of Tray Tables

There are two kinds of tray tables - the standalone tray tables that you can place with display items like curios and the portable, folding type that is multipurpose. The standalone models are small tables specifically crafted to be a holder for items of interest. They are beautiful in themselves and add to the appeal of the items on display. You can put these in any area of your home to create a visual charm. The folding types of tray tables are mostly used for serving food in areas other than the dining table, for instance when you are lounging in front of the TV or when you want to have a snack in bed. They come with a tray surface that has handles for easy transportation, a wide surface to place your plate and drink on and foldable legs. They can easily be stacked away when not in use.

Some Ideas for Tray Tables

Here are some ideas to accessorise your tray tables around the house.

Photo frames: Choose interesting photo frames to put adorable pictures of your family around the house. They will look great on your wooden tray table.

Kids Crafts: Encourage your children by creating a special area just for their crafts. Show them how proud you are by putting their creations on a tray table in a special corner of the living room.

Puja Corner: If you do not have the space for a special devotional area, create an exclusive space with a beautifully carved wooden tray table that holds the essentials you need to create a calming prayer area.

Spa Corner: Keep your soothing essential oils, scented candles or other personal effects in a special little corner of your room on a dedicated tray table. This can be your destressing area in your home.

Surprise your partner: Create a special memory with a favourite meal served to your significant other in bed or at their work station on a wooden folding tray table. Don’t forget to add a flower to make it extra special.

A tray table is a great addition to your home. Look for the amazing varieties on offer when you decide to buy a tray table online.