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      Animal Figurines to Give Your Home an Exotic, Playful Touch!

      Every home needs a unique touch. You can leave your stamp or signature in the space. When we were growing up, there were many things that made us smile and play. These are the same things that make us nostalgic even now. Animal figurines can remind you of your childhood. They are also a fun way to add more character to your home even as the classic pieces bring back stories from days of the yore!

      Using Animal Figurines for Decor

      The animal figurines decor style is timeless and elegant. Think about pieces like a wooden carved stork or a pair of elephants that are detailed with vibrant colours. You can also add some horses to complete the look. You can buy animal figurines and use them these ways to make an impact:

      1. Marble and Animal Figurines: One of the best ways to bring out the beauty of these animal figurines is to pair them with marble. The delicate vein of white or cream hued marble or even green granite can show off the colours of the animal figurines. You can even buy animal figurines online and pair them with marble coasters or other marble figures or even place them on a marble top table with carved legs.
      1. Brass and Animal Figurines: The vibrant colours of animal figurines would come alive when placed against regal looking and gleaming brass pieces like a lamp, a vase or any other bass artifact like a statue. This way, you can also club the exotic and colonial looking pieces together in the best possible way for the perfect animal figurines decor
      1. Bright Linen and Animal Figurines: Wooden and painted animal figurines would look best when they are placed on runners that have been pieced together with ethnic printed and fabrics. You can buy animal figurines online and place them on block printed mats, coasters or runners, so that you have a well layered and wholesome look. If the animal figurine is a bright one, you can use a white linen mat with subtle block prints. You can even reverse the look and try a white painted figurine on a sapphire blue or shocking pink mat!
      1. Glass and Animal Figurines: The animal figurines of your choice can also stand out when placed on a clear surface like glass, or next to a mirror. You can actually install a mirror with a shelf on the sides or on the mirror, so that you can place an army of these animal figurines for a fun and exotic look. The small animals on the long shelf, against the large mirror will create an elegant yet fun look. The glass table with brass legs or carved legs would also be perfect for animal figurines decor.