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Rolling Pin

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Solid Wood Rolling Pin Chaklota Rolling Pin
Solid Wood Rolling Pin Chaklota Sale priceFrom ₹ 489.00
Solid Teak Wood Rolling Pin (Belan) Rolling Pin
Solid wood rolling pin Stand Rolling Pin
Solid wood rolling pin Stand Sale price₹ 299.00


Buy a Wooden Rolling Pin for Safe and Easy Cooking

It is small, it is insignificant and yet it is one of the most vital cooking tools in an Indian kitchen. Yes, the humble rolling pin! Everyday, in millions of Indian homes, mothers use it to make the most delicious rotis while others try their hand at baking scrumptious cookies or pastries. You can hardly find a home without a rolling pin and if it isn’t just right, it can mess up your food and waste valuable time. So here are some tips on how to pick up the best rolling pin for your kitchen.

  • Go for wood

Although rolling pins come in many different materials, nothing beats the feel and texture of a wooden rolling pin. Being a natural material, it is safe to use and will not add harmful chemicals to your lovingly prepared food. It is also just the right weight for your daily needs – not too heavy, but heavy enough to give you perfectly flattened rotis or dough. Wooden rolling pins have a naturally smooth surface and with just a tiny dusting of flour, you can ensure that there is no sticking, which can cause your dough to tear. A wooden rolling pin also has the additional benefit of being easy to care for and long-lasting. You can wash it just like your other utensils and they don’t get spoiled easily.

  • Pick the right size

Rolling pins for making rotis do not have to be as long as the ones used for flattening cookie dough. If you do not bake regularly, you probably don’t need a very large one. Pick the size that is easy to store for you in the kitchen. When buying your rolling pin online, be sure to check out the dimensions given in the item description. Along with length and diameter, be sure to also check the weight of the item. While rotis do not need a heavy rolling pin, you may need a slightly heavier model when working with tougher dough like pie crust.

  • Pair with the right rolling board

If the rolling board does not match the pin in dimensions, it can make your task quite difficult. Be sure to get a wooden rolling board that matches the dimensions of the rolling pin. Larger boards are preferable to smaller ones. Keep your board smooth by avoiding using tough scrubbers on it. With just a light dusting of flour, you can ensure your rotis don’t end up sticking to the surface and tearing.

Make your kitchen a non-toxic and eco-friendly place for yourself and your family. Buy a wooden rolling pin along with a wooden rolling board to ensure that every time you make rotis, they are perfectly safe to eat.