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Limited StockSaleSave 40%Contemporary Wooden Cupboard Cupboard
Contemporary Wooden Cupboard Sale price₹ 18,500.00 Regular price₹ 31,000.00
Limited StockSaleSave 38%Double Storage Wooden Cabinet Cupboard
Double Storage Wooden Cabinet Sale price₹ 17,499.00 Regular price₹ 27,999.00
Wooden Carved Leg Cabinet Cupboard
Wooden Carved Leg Cabinet Sale price₹ 19,999.00
Intricate Designed Wooden Cabinet Cupboard
Intricate Designed Wooden Cabinet Sale price₹ 24,999.00
Wide Intricately Designed Cabinet Cupboard
Wide Intricately Designed Cabinet Sale price₹ 49,999.00
Wooden 2-Part Intricate Designed Cabinet Cupboard
Intricate Wide Designed 2 Part Cabinet Cupboard
Limited StockSaleSave 22%Wooden 2 Door Simplistic Cabinet Cupboard
Wooden 2 Door Simplistic Cabinet Sale priceFrom ₹ 23,999.00
2-Drawer White distressed Almirah Wardrobe
2-Drawer White distressed Almirah Sale price₹ 36,999.00
Authentic Classic Sturdy Almirah Wardrobe
Authentic Classic Sturdy Almirah Sale price₹ 39,999.00
2-Door Downside Shelf Cabinet Cupboard
2-Door Downside Shelf Cabinet Sale price₹ 15,999.00
Limited StockSaleSave 52%Wooden Open Space Curve Cabinet Cupboard
Wooden Open Space Curve Cabinet Sale price₹ 21,500.00 Regular price₹ 44,999.00
Limited StockSaleSave 40%Wooden Jali 2-Door 2-Drawer Cabinet Cupboard
Wooden Jali 2-Door 2-Drawer Cabinet Sale price₹ 18,500.00 Regular price₹ 31,000.00
Limited StockSaleSave 33%Wooden 2-door-4 drawer cupboard Cupboard
Wooden 2-door-4 drawer cupboard Sale price₹ 25,999.00 Regular price₹ 38,999.00
Wooden 3 Shelf Hanging Shelf Cabinet Wall Cabinet
Wide 3 Door Wooden Cabinet Cupboard
Wide 3 Door Wooden Cabinet Sale price₹ 21,999.00
Two Drawer Compact Cabinet Wall Cabinet
Two Drawer Compact Cabinet Sale price₹ 3,699.00
Limited StockSaleSave 29%9-Slot Wooden Jar Wall Hanging Cabinet Wall Cabinet
9-Slot Wooden Jar Wall Hanging Cabinet Sale price₹ 1,999.00 Regular price₹ 2,799.00
Spherical Classical Bar Bottle Bar Cabinet
Spherical Classical Bar Bottle Sale price₹ 56,999.00
Natural Tone Solid Wood Rustic Cabinet Showcase
Natural Tone Solid Wood Rustic Cabinet Sale priceFrom ₹ 26,999.00
Limited StockSaleSave 38%3-Drawer Bedside Panel Bedside
3-Drawer Bedside Panel Sale price₹ 7,400.00 Regular price₹ 12,000.00
30 x 7 x 24 Inch Wide Wooden Hanging Cabinet Wall Cabinet
32 x 7 x 36 Inch Long-Wide Hanging Wooden Cabinet Wall Cabinet
Rustic Shelf Cabinet Cupboard
Rustic Shelf Cabinet Sale price₹ 24,999.00
Wood Door Plasma Stand Cupboard
Wood Door Plasma Stand Sale priceFrom ₹ 38,999.00
Classic Curved Top Bedside Bedside
Classic Curved Top Bedside Sale price₹ 7,190.00
Futuristic 2-Drawer Bedside Unit Bedside
Futuristic 2-Drawer Bedside Unit Sale price₹ 7,499.00
Light Finish 3-Drawer Bedside Unit Bedside
Light Finish 3-Drawer Bedside Unit Sale price₹ 7,690.00
Wooden Wide Nightstand Table Bedside
Wooden Wide Nightstand Table Sale price₹ 9,899.00
Solid Antique polish Grey Bedside Cabinet Bedside
Solid wood Wide Bookshelf Showcase
Solid wood Wide Bookshelf Sale priceFrom ₹ 57,999.00
Wooden Semi Wide Grey Almirah Showcase
Wooden Semi Wide Grey Almirah Sale priceFrom ₹ 42,999.00
Wooden Grey Long Almirah Showcase
Wooden Grey Long Almirah Sale priceFrom ₹ 40,999.00
Vintage distress wall cabinet Wall Cabinet
Vintage distress wall cabinet Sale price₹ 8,999.00
Classic 2 Glass Door Cabinet Wall Cabinet
Classic 2 Glass Door Cabinet Sale price₹ 6,999.00
Wall Mounted Cabinet Wall Cabinet
Wall Mounted Cabinet Sale price₹ 5,999.00
Limited StockSaleSave 24%Classic Traditional Flower One Folding Self Bedside Bedside
Classic Traditional Flower One Folding Self Bedside Sale price₹ 6,800.00 Regular price₹ 8,999.00
Limited StockSaleOn saleWooden Dual Tone Vintage Cupboard Cupboard
Wooden Dual Tone Vintage Cupboard Sale price₹ 25,999.00
Cupboard with 2 drawers Cupboard
Cupboard with 2 drawers Sale price₹ 26,999.00
Limited StockSaleSave 40%Simple Night Stand Bedside
Simple Night Stand Sale price₹ 7,200.00 Regular price₹ 12,000.00
Boho Chic Classic Shelf Wall Cabinet
Boho Chic Classic Shelf Sale price₹ 19,999.00
Royal Minaret Bar Console Bar Cabinet
Royal Minaret Bar Console Sale price₹ 56,000.00
Limited StockSaleSave 50%Classic Framed Standing Bar Bar Cabinet
Classic Framed Standing Bar Sale price₹ 12,400.00 Regular price₹ 24,999.00
Stylish Dual Toned Almirah Wardrobe
Stylish Dual Toned Almirah Sale price₹ 54,999.00
Limited StockSaleSave 52%Pillared Dual Drawer Bedside Table Bedside
Pillared Dual Drawer Bedside Table Sale price₹ 5,800.00 Regular price₹ 11,999.00
Double Storage Bedside Table Default Title Bedside
Double Storage Bedside Table Sale price₹ 5,890.00
White Chalk Old School Kitchen Organizer Default Title Wall Cabinet
Exotic Carved Door Cabinet Cupboard
Exotic Carved Door Cabinet Sale price₹ 48,999.00


Bring Home a Graceful Change with Affordable Wooden Cabinets Online

When we think of a home, we think about design and functionality going hand in hand to make our lives easier. Whether it is good furniture, carefully selected tiles, or even the organization and cabinets in your home - you would want all these pieces to come together to paint a pretty picture called your home, a home that you would like to come back to every single day. The living room cabinets and kitchen cabinets along with the bedroom cabinets and other kinds of storage will pretty much decide the look and feel as well as the functionality of your home.

Ensure Durable Quality with Wooden Cabinets

Before you look at wooden cabinets online, you should know what qualities you are looking for exactly. It is important to know these qualities so that you are able to buy the wooden cabinet online which is just right for you and your family. These cabinets are pretty much durable and will not only amplify the beauty of your home but will always stay the way they are for years to come.

Try the Solid Wooden Cabinet for Your Kitchen

First off, the wooden cabinet for the kitchen should be absolutely solid. You should look for something that has been crafted from board or from teak wood, which would be a little more expensive but would be worth it. This cupboard should have strong and sturdy legs. At the same time, other open cabinets that you choose should have sturdy sides and the wall mounted pieces too should have durable backs that can support the weight. Check the shelves to make sure that they are not sagging so that you can place your heavy and other items on them without worrying about the shelves giving way.

Buy Well-Designed Wooden Cabinets for Beautifying Your Home

Along with solid features, the cabinets need to be well-designed and should come with good looks that will add much charm to your space. Carvings, flourishes, straight lines and precision-based designs will help you add much value to the decor scheme of your space. Your wooden cabinet storage will help you store things even as you add beauty to your surroundings.

Choose Wooden Cabinets to Match the Theme of Your Living Space

You should choose the design based on the basic theme and style of the space that you are adding the cabinet to. The open shelves and cabinets can be done up with artifacts and books as well as other items even as you store your items. Go for symmetry and place similar kind of cabinets or wall mounted shelves in pairs or even as a set of three. This will help in creating a wholesome look.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Cabinets Online?

When you are choosing your living room cabinets and kitchen cabinets, you need to look at all these features. Go for furniture that has been designed and created by master craftsmen who have the experience and the expertise to create such furniture from sturdy and solid teak wood. The pieces should be chosen in keeping with the area of the home and the space that is available for placing such pieces. The foyer will have smaller pieces, while the living room and kitchen cabinets will have larger ones.

Buy wooden cabinet online to make your living space all the more stylish and beautiful.