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End Table

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Rounded Metallic Teak Wood Kitchen Table End Table
Honey Finish Teak Wood End Table End Table
Honey Finish Teak Wood End Table Sale price₹ 7,899.00
Rajasthan Cultural Table End Table
Rajasthan Cultural Table Sale price₹ 4,899.00
Hexagonal Metallic Coffee Table (Golden) End Table


Wood End Tables Add Immense Value to Your Living Room

You finally have the amazing living room furniture you had been dreaming of, a stunning coffee table and maybe even an enviable piece of artwork on the walls. But the space still seems incomplete. Maybe, it is time to buy end tables! This simple piece of utilitarian furniture has a quiet but significant part to play in tying the living room aesthetic together. What is more, they are also quite useful and versatile and no living room should be without one (or two or three!). So, what makes wood end tables so important? Let’s find out.

Side Tables and End Tables: Is there a difference?

Both side tables and end tables are accessories to the main furniture and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Side tables are any little tables placed by the side of a sofa or bed. When they mark the end of the seating arrangement, they are called end tables. Though functionally they are the same, side tables are generally bigger than end tables which can fit into smaller spaces, say between a bed and the wall or between a sofa and the wall. They are used to place small items like your phone or coffee mug and can also be holders for display items like vases or photo frames or artworks.

How Many Side Tables Should You Have?

As many as you can fit! Depending on your space, it is convenient to have more than one side table. This way, all your guests have a handy surface to place their keys or phones on. In bedrooms also, side tables are great to use as nightstands for personal belongings and if you have the space, aim for one on either side.

What Else Should You Look for When Buying a Side Table?

When you are looking to buy a side table online, be sure to match the dimensions to your available space. Ideally, the side table should be no more than two inches lower than the armrest of the sofa or chair it is placed next to. This way, it becomes easier to place and reach out for your belongings. Look for real wood end tables to ensure value for money. These will be durable and long-lasting and if you need to maximise your available storage options, you can look for wood end tables with storage. Some come with drawers while others may have a lower shelf on which you can place magazines or other handy items.

Side tables can either be minor utilitarian features in your living room or feature as accent pieces in themselves. There are some pretty amazing designs in wood end tables which would make you want to highlight their presence rather than hide them away!