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Corner Chair

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Natural Polish Carved Chair Corner Chair
Natural Polish Carved Chair Sale price₹ 28,999.00
Simple Teak Carved Chair Corner Chair
Simple Teak Carved Chair Sale price₹ 28,999.00
Cane Backed Colonial Chair Corner Chair
Cane Backed Colonial Chair Sale price₹ 28,999.00
Diagonal Aligned Colonial Chair Corner Chair
Diagonal Aligned Colonial Chair Sale price₹ 28,999.00


A Corner Chair Transforms a Bare Corner to a Delightful Seating Nook

Ever wondered what to do with the unused area of your sitting room? Place a corner chair into the vacant corner and create an informal seating area! There are three categories of homes for which a corner chair is a wonderful addition.

  1. Compact apartments where every inch of space has to be put to good use.
  2. Homes of owners who love unique pieces of furniture.
  3. Homes of owners who love entertaining and can use every spare chair they can fit into their home.

What is a Corner Chair?

These are uniquely diagonal/diamond-shaped chairs designed specifically to fit into corners. They are wonderful to look at for their stand-out design and incredibly practical. They have been in use in England from the 18th century and were later introduced to America where they were called roundabouts. Since these chairs form the focal point of a seating arrangement or else standalone as accent pieces, great detailing goes into their looks.

Where Can You Put a Corner Chair?

Any area of your home with a bare corner! You can find corner chairs for your living room with intricately carved legs and rich upholstery. Cushioned seats and comfortable armrests also make them a great chair for lounging in the bedroom. When choosing a corner chair for the bedroom, pick one with pastel colours and motifs that go with your theme. Corner chairs can also be placed for additional seating in the dining room, in kids’ rooms, home offices and even the kitchen.

Corner chairs are traditional pieces of furniture that carry a colonial vibe and look beautiful in any setting. A modern corner chair can be upholstered in contemporary colours and fabrics to make them complement your décor. They work best as accent chairs that stand out rather than aligned with the rest of the furniture.

Styling your corner chair is pretty simple. A small rug can instantly brighten and transform the area. Place a side table with a planter next to one to add cheer. If the corner chair is next to a window or balcony, add plush drapes with classic prints to enhance the setting. The walls above the chair can be highlighted with photo frames or artwork or a beautiful mirror. Add a magazine rack next to the corner chair to create the ambience of a reading corner. A large lamp stand can also be an eye-catching accessory.

Don’t hesitate to buy a corner chair for your home if you are looking for ways to maximise your space. You will always be grateful for the extra seating it provides as well as the stylish and quirky look.