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7 Ideas to Make Your Living Room Spacious

7 Ideas to Make Your Living Room Spacious

In this time and age when space is available at a premium, only smart ideas can help you make limited space look bigger than it is. Here we share a few design tricks that can help you make your living room look spacious. 
Light Colours
You can get your walls painted in white or any other lighter shade which will make the room look bigger. Choose airy shades that help to create a breezy and seamless look. 
 Add a Little Drama
Break the monotony of light and subtle shades with the addition of a little drama. This can be done by adding wooden furniture in rich, darker shades here and there. This contrast will energise the room and will make it look spacious. 
Create a Feature Wall
When playing with depth, add something interesting in the room. This can be done by going with a feature wall. Layer one wall with an impressive looking wallpaper or install dramatic wall tiles. 
Light up the area
Another tip that can help you make your living room look more spacious is allowing natural light to stream in. If that is not possible, choose interesting artificial lighting options and bathe the entire area with lovely light. This will create a warm and cosy light glowing in the night. There are ample lighting options available like hanging fixtures, table and floor lamps, wall sconces, and recessed ceiling fixtures. 
Interesting Wall Décor and Curios
Another way to make the living room look bigger and interesting is by adding stunning wooden décor objects and curios here and there in the room attracting the attention of the guests. Hang wooden framed lovely pictures on the wall or place a lovely curio on a side table creating a focal point. 
Lay a beautiful rug
Rugs or carpets prove to be a space-defining element separating it from its surroundings. Using it, you can either create an open-concept space or as an anchoring a seating group. When planning to make your living room look bigger, highlight a long stretch of the floor and add richness to the room. 
Use Huge Mirrors
Another tip that works pretty well is adding a large mirror on one of the walls that makes the room look twice as large. Installing mirrors help in creating an illusion to maximum effect.