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Article: A Comprehensive Guide to Painting Your Wooden Furniture

A Comprehensive Guide to Painting Your Wooden Furniture

A Comprehensive Guide to Painting Your Wooden Furniture

There is like wooden furniture to give your home a warm and elegant look, be it in the form of carved wooden doors or a grand wooden table in the dining room or a stylish wooden bed in the bedroom. However, with time, even the best kind of wooden furniture tends to get a little dull and lacklustre. This is why wooden furniture painting them is a great idea. By giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint, you can boost their longevity, shine, and good looks. And your interiors will thank you for it too! So, find out how to get the job done.  

1) Clean thoroughly

This is the one of the top wooden furniture painting tips. It is important to get rid of all the dust, grime, and soot on your wooden furniture by cleaning them closely. Otherwise, the dirt can interfere with the way the paint sticks to the furniture surface. The process of sanding deals with scratches in the joints and corners of the furniture, making the surface rough enough to hold on to the paint. And to remove the existing paint, the stripping process will come in handy. 

2) Check your furniture’s adhesion ability

After all the sanding and stripping, apply primers on your wooden furniture’s surface to check if they are sticking nicely. Ideally, once the primer dries up, it should stick to the furniture’s surface smoothly and without any bubbles.

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3) Take the furniture apart

During the process of wooden furniture painting, it is mandatory to disassemble your furniture so that you can paint every corner and edge beautifully and easily. In case the furniture cannot be disassembled completely, try and take it apart at the joints that are held by screws. You can once again reassemble it when the painting is done and the paint has dried up.

4) If you spot mould

Though premium quality wooden furniture, like the ones from Woodsala, aren’t prone to mould, time and exposure to moisture can do it to ordinary ones. In that case, first trim your paintbrush’s feathers. Otherwise, the paint from the brush might leak onto those parts of the furniture where you want a different colour.

5) Get started with the first coat

Take a small amount of paint to begin with, and when you move the roller, do it evenly. Also, roll in the same direction and make sure you don’t miss any corners. If you are using dark colours like black or brown, you need to exercise extra care. Once the first coat of paint is applied, let it dry for 1 to 2 hours. Go over your wooden furniture carefully to detect any spot that you might have missed. You can take care of it while applying the second coat.

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6) Give the perfect finishing touch with the second coat

In most cases, the first coat of paint is enough to give your wooden furniture the look you desire. However, while furniture painting at home, a second coat is often applied to make sure that the furniture looks evenly painted. So, while applying the second coat, focus on spots that you have missed and places where the paint looks a little lighter. 

Apart from keeping the above wooden furniture painting guide handy, make sure you buy any wooden furniture from reputed manufacturers, like Woodsala. We can advise you on the best painting process based on the furniture type, wood type, design, and so on. Also, dust and clean and your wooden furniture pieces regularly and watch out for mould, termites, abrasions or stains. These problems need to be addressed at the earliest so that the painting process become hassle-free and the wood lasts long. 

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