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Article: Why Increase in Demand of Furniture May Give Rise to Afforestation ??

Why Increase in Demand of Furniture May Give Rise to Afforestation ??

Why Increase in Demand of Furniture May Give Rise to Afforestation ??

You Go to a Vegetable Market to Purchase Ingredients for Making a Delicious Soup; You see Tomatoes, Potatoes, Beans, Fresh Mint, Coriander, & List Goes on. So, do you need all of it or some of it?

Here, It's Not About Making a Soup, But it's the Choices for which you were Not Prepared or Came to Know Afterwards for Making a Delicious Soup Because of a Things Called as "Variations".

Now Take a Look at Different Angle, You have Nice Currency Note of Your Country in Your Hand, But you Don't Like the Color or Feel. So What did you Do, Paint it, Laminates it, or Throw It? Majority of Us Won't Do it Because Doing All This, Does Nothing or May Render the Note Useless.

Comparing these Two Factors, we Come to Know; A Uniform Choice Cannot be There if Many Ways do not enforce it. In Currency Note Design, We Do not have a Say, and in Soup Case, We got our Voice Loud & Clear or Often Inspired by Others.

In Case of Furniture, It's All About:-
What's New?
What's Trending?
Which Color Suits My Interior?
& List Goes on Forever.
Now Coming to Question and If I Want to Answer Why Increase in Furniture Demand will Lead to Afforestation is Because of General Trends, i.e. "Recycle".
All Things have Priced and if You Remove it's Selling Value no one is interested in it, Although it May not Stop Illegal Cutting of Trees It will Give in Turn Time to Trees to Grow Fully & No New-Natural Forest will Cut for Lumber. All in All, Every Organization is Run by Money or Commodities & This rule can be Applied Everywhere.
They are recycled or Reclaimed Wood/Steel/Iron & Each and Everything which can be re-used. Again, haven given rise to a New form of Furniture Concept. Some People think using Reclaimed is Bad, but in reality, the Old Wood is More Good than Today's Wood because Earlier People used Fully Mature Trees. The Lumber was Naturally Seasoned not Today like Chemical Seasoning. The Matured tree is More Resistant to Daily wear & Tear as Compared to Soft & Pulpy Lumber of Modern Times otherwise They Could have been Burnt for Fire, So Did They?
It's All in Trend. Right Now it's Recycle Trend or Using Old Traditional Furniture which our Fore-Fathers were Using. We Take Pride in What Our History is, Our Culture is, Our Fore-Fathers Daily Lives were. 

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