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Is Furniture Related to Wood Only?

Is Furniture Related to Wood Only?

If someone would have said this Before Industrial Revolution, It can be True for Most Parts. Mining Metal and Giving it Shape is Too much to Handle for an Average Person, Leave Producing it in High Quantity. & Now Even a Person can manufacture or get Employed in an Factory where Metals are Given Shape without Much Knowledge as was Needed Years Back.

It's not a Rocket Science or A Skill which was Difficult to Grasp and Utilize. There is always Demand for New Types of wood Textures, New Designs, Market Trends, "If you got, I Will also get" Attitude, Those Product which Appeal are Automatically Purchased in the Eyes of Customer. It's Just Matter of Money Transaction Left after a Appeal. It's Very well Said "Its all in Eyes of the Viewer" or Say "Customer".

In Simple Terms Furniture is made From all you can get that material from which you can Get Appeal and Make the Surrounding More useful, Beautiful. Be it Aluminium, Wood, Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass, Etc. All Type of Things are Used. There is a Variety of Furniture which is Made from Bones of Animal and Leather Cover's are Commonly known which may be Original or Fake (Based on Certificate or Company Profile). It's not that a Single Material can Get Monopoly nor it is Possible to Capture the Market by Manufacturing every Possible Design with Every Possible Material (It is Nearly Impossible).

It's Commonly Said "Billion People,Billion Differences". No Two Person can be Same in All Way. Despite all your Effort in the End, You Will miss Something which an Potential Customer will Require. Customer Never Remains Static nor they are Fixed Always. They will Change, You Have to Changed. First Wood, Then Metals.For Some Gold, Silver Articles are also a Common Sight. It just what do you want !!. Now, The Research is Going for Modular Furniture Designs which can be Both Light weight and Strong. Due to Increasing Cities and Decreasing Villages, People Often want the Pleasure of using an Piece of Furniture but customer does not Possess the Required Space in Limited Cities. This a Very Common Problem which Gave Rise to the Concept of Multi Uses Furniture, Modular Furniture, Light Weight Furniture. They want a Single piece of Wood or Metal or in Combination of Both to do Handle all Work.Like to Store Belongings and Become a Bed for Resting.

In the End it's All Demand or a Solution to a Problem.