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Article: Top 10 Desk Organization Ideas for Your Workspace

Top 10 Desk Organization Ideas for Your Workspace

Top 10 Desk Organization Ideas for Your Workspace

It is often said that a cluttered workspace could lead to a cluttered mind. It is true. If you do not believe that, consider this - a clear and well-organized desk will not only look inviting but it will also motivate you to show up for work. All those papers and stationary lying on your table will be cleared up. So, peruse through some of these desk organization ideas so that you can be productive and stay focused on the job at hand.

1. Customize Storage with a Pegboard on your Wall

Mounting a pegboard right behind your desk wall is one of the desk organization ideas that you can consider. This means you can hang a host of things on it like pictures, supplies and other items. You can fix nails on this pegboard which will enable you to hang bigger supplies like tape, scissors, etc. You could also affix a small basket on this board. Small storage devices will enable you to store smaller items like markers, pens, erasers among other things.

2. Opt for a Hanging Organizer to Store Things on your Desk

If you have a small desk or if you don’t have enough space on our desk to keep things, you can always opt for a hanging closet organiser. You can hang it up on a door or on a rack. It is convenient and occupies very little space, unlike a heavy desk or a bookcase. It have several pockets so there is a lot of storage for your office supplies and easily accessible. 

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3. Place a Rolling Cart near your Desk to Add Storage Space

If your desk is small then this is one of the best small desk organization ideas. Pick a cart that is almost as tall as your desk. This will make it easy for you to not only store your things neatly but also easily accessible. It is as good as having an extended desk.

4. Affix a Magnetic Strip over your Desk

Do you have many metallic items to store but no place to put it? Well, the answer to this question is magnetic strips. You can install them over your desk or on your drawers. Things like your scissors, staplers, paper clips, ruler and other metal objects. The magnetic strip will keep these items in place and enable you to grab them in a jiffy.

5. Use the Space below your Desk

Space is a luxury so you need to make the most of every inch you can find. For instance, the space under your desk is completely unused. You can place a small wooden desk organizer or a bookshelf to store your files, documents and books.

6. Add a Sturdy Bookshelf up high

Mount storage space with a sturdy shelf. You can store your journals, notes, headphones, etc. up there. Imagine the amount of space it would clear on your desk.

7. Get a Cable Box to Organize the Cords

Cords create quite the clutter. If you have pets, it can be a nuisance as they could get entangled in them. The best way to deal with this problem is to use a cable box. Put all your cords in them and declutter your desktop in no time.

8. Attach a Coat Rack over your Desk

Have you ever thought of hanging your headphones and some other tech items from a coat rack? Affix on above your desk and give it a go. Everything will be easily accessible. Such work desk organization ideas, end up freeing a lot of desk space. 

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9. Mount an Organizer against the Wall

If there is no space on your desk for a desk organizer, you can mount one on your wall. They offer great options for storage. They also look aesthetically pleasing. You can buy one from an online store or even do a DIY project.

10. Use a Cute Tray and Convert your necessities to a Design Element

Little trays are great for keeping things you need and but they can also make your desk look really interesting. So, grab that adorable tray that goes with the vibe of your workspace. This is it. Make the most of these creative ideas and enhance your workspace.

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