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The Most Popular Furniture Styles To Look For In 2020

The Most Popular Furniture Styles To Look For In 2020

2020 has finally arrived and it is time to make those much-planned and anticipated changes in your living room. If you are looking forward to a more happy and cheerful space, check out some of the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing furniture styles that are going to wow you and bring a magical transformation to your home. Here, we bring a few of the most interesting, exotic, and amazing furniture styles that go well with our rich Indian cultural heritage. 


Warm and deep colours

Add some warmth and comfort to the living area by adding some warm and deep coloured furniture options like antique side tables with intricate carving in rich, mahogany colour or a beautiful carved and etched traditional bajot. This bajot can be kept close to sofas and chairs and can be used to display interesting curios and artefacts. It adds a subtle charm to the place. 


Wooden Curios in warm colours

You can also use wood-inspired artefacts and curios like a wooden wall clock that can be in an earthy tone like rich browns, ochre yellows, and burnt oranges. Deep and rich colours have always been the hallmark of the Indian style of decorating and interiors. Moreover, Indian craftsmanship has always been a much talked about subject. Thus, traditional pieces like a wooden wall clock, carvings or inlay work in ivory or metal look spectacular and add value to the overall décor scheme. 


Illuminate and Brighten Up the Area

You can complement wooden furniture and artefacts with interesting looking wooden candles. Choose an ornate piece that goes perfectly well complementing understated furniture. This ethnic touch here and there works very well and brings the finest blend of functionality and aesthetics. There is no dearth of distinctive pieces that truly reflects rich art and handicrafts style of India. 


Once you have added rich, warm wood in the form of unique furniture styles to the room, go hunting for interesting and decorative curios that brings out the best of your décor style. India has a lot of amazing décor elements. Use your imagination and unique sense of style to choose the best to create a perfectly comfortable and welcoming ambiance.