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Article: Should I Manufacture or Purchase the Furniture?

Should I Manufacture or Purchase the Furniture?

Should I Manufacture or Purchase the Furniture?

It's a Common Perception if Somebody can do it, Why can't that Somebody be me!! Each and Everything is Possible for Every Person. It's not that you can't be that or cannot accomplish things which others have Achieved. Somebody have Talents, and Others do it by Continuous Efforts driven by Passion. 

If you Set your Mind on one thing, the only thing, nobody can stop you. There was a Time when Yahoo Declined Offer to Buy Google. Google Continuously perfected there Art, and they Achieved more than they Originally Perceived. 

To Manufacture or Purchase the Furniture, it Boils down to This Fundamental Question:-

1) How do you want your End Product to Look?

2) Is In-House That Costly as Compared to Retailer?

To Answer 1st Question, you need to write down or have Already thought how the Product will look (How do I know your mind? because you are Reading it !! ). But Most of you have not thought of Wood Type, Wood Planks width (Will it be Strong?), do I need Machines (for Fast Work),

Design (not your design but an Approach towards matching the surroundings), lightweight or not (mostly for Hanging purposes), What type of Paint/Color/Finish (Same Finish, Different Textures).

2nd Question will need Research of your Local Market. The Carving, Curvy Design, Paint Job, Getting angles Right, Sizes Perfect, Checking Strength, can be Little Frustrating to do all by self. Leave the cost for one sec, think about if your "Great Idea" have Design which is too Hard to Manufacture it in your own or near Impossible, is it Really Worth the Effort (Please do not take it with a Discouraging Attitude, it's a Practical Question). Getting Angles right is one of the Difficult steps but most Important part. It may not look right away if a Shelf is Misplaced a little bit upwards/Downwards, but in the end, it will not give Perfect Design Satisfaction. Keeping Everything Symmetrical is a Must for Every Design to Succeed or have a Wow Factor. Now Coming to Cost Factor, Due to Advancement of Technology, Several Task which was Time Consuming and Would take up the Most amounts of time in Total Production time. Now it can be done within a fraction of time. Getting Design with Curves which removes the Rectangular Shape from Planks, Carving of Flowers which Enables the Furniture to speak Thousand Stories, Perfectly layered Color which Matches Perfectly with your House and Many more things are done Perfectly by the Manufacturer/ Wholesaler/ Retailer. Even Manufacturer Makes a mistake, so Wholesaler Corrects it. Some Product of Retailer may not Sell, So Changes in Product are Advised.

Overall, The Customer does not have to Worry about Manufacturing Defects, Uneven Paint Jobs, Low Quality, Etc.

If Your Idea is Simple to Make, Go for Make-it-yourself. I Have got Passion then definitely go for it, the Product which you want but cannot get anywhere else Go for Make-it-yourself. If you have all necessary tools go for it (Because you have Purchased the Tools for these reasons), To get Personalized Furniture at Full Level go for Make-it-yourself. You got some Planks and Screws, Nuts, Wooden Glue, Make your Dream Arts.

If you want Curvy Designs or Carving and Don't have Required Skill which gives Sharpness over your Design Idea, Go for a Purchase or a Custom Order to your Local Carpenter. If you Got Limited Time, But want a Custom made Furniture, Go for Local Carpenter or Retailer. You have an Old Piece lying around now you want to Give it Fresh new Look, Check it's wood Strength and Write down What are the things which you want in it or How can you improve it. Then Make a Final Call.

In The End, Reading Articles, Watching How-To Videos, Blogs, Books Don't Make your Ideal Piece of Furniture. Make the Decision based on Cost, Time Required, & Will the Final Result be, As I Want??? You May Never Know Until You Try

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