Can wooden Furniture be Eco-Friendly?

Can wooden Furniture be Eco-Friendly?

Wooden Furniture can really be Eco-Friendly? or is it just a Marketing Gimmick. Often People Gets into Dilemma, Are This Actually Eco-Friendly? Nowadays Everybody Want to Protect Environment. They Turn from Non-Veg to Veg, Veg to Vegan. Prohibition of Plastic Bags, Promoting Environment Friendly Material are some Examples.

And what is Wrong in it. If a Product which is Made from Plastic or Bio-degradable Material, with Same Price. Why Do People will Choose Plastic One.

They will Most Likely go for Environment Friendly One. Now the Question Come, How come some Furniture be Environment Friendly. is it Really Wood? Is it a New Type of Material? Many Question!!

Wood is Wood. You can Only Get Naturally by Tree. There is no other way Naturally. So What Does Eco-Friendly here Means? In Simple Terms, Using Wood which has been Cut Down for Different Use but now it is Used for Stool, Almirah, Chair, Bed, Etc.This Re-using of Wood is Eco-Friendly. Purchasing Re-Used or Re-Cycled or Reclaimed Wood Furniture in Turn Reduces Demand for New-Wood Furniture. You May have Heard of Teak Wood, Mango Wood, Acacia Wood, Rosewood, Etc Furniture. But There is also One type of Difference which Most People Don't know and That is New wood and Old Wood. 

In This World Everything is Demand & Supply. Create a Demand for one and Its Supply will Start.This Re-Using Actually is Good in Many Cases.In Old Times Wood was not Cut when they Saw Tree but when the Tree was Matured. There is Vast Difference between Same type of Tree that have Difference in Age. Some Trees Get More Stronger and Lighter Over Time. They are Naturally Seasoned.They are Quality Tested. as it is Said "Time Tested Material" which Lasted for Centuries,Can Easily Last some Decades.