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Article: Home Decor Ideas You Should Consider

Home Decor Ideas You Should Consider

Home Decor Ideas You Should Consider

A home needs a design, regardless of whether it’s owned or rented. Aren’t you tired of your home’s design; isn’t it due for a décor update? It does, doesn’t it? Then if your home needs a new décor, what’s keeping you. Do you have a low budget; no time to implement a new design; or you just don’t know where to start? Whichever be the case, you’re in the right place. This guide is exhaustive and touches on every single aspect of home décor from trendy furniture ideas to design ideas for various sections of your home.

After going through this guide, you will be able to give your home a new breath of life. With these simple home décor ideas that we want to share—with something as simple as a new rug or a stool—you can glow up your home in a whole different way. Ready to get started; as excited as we are: then let’s dive into these home décor ideas, shall we?

To help you keep up and not get lost in this guide, here’s an overview of what we’ll be discussing:

  • Trendy Furniture ideas for the 21st century
  • Small Detail Home Décor Ideas
  • Small Bedroom Decor Ideas 
  • Dining room décor Ideas
  • Kitchen Decoration tips

Without further ado, let’s get decorating.

Trendy Furniture ideas for the 21st century 

Modern day furniture in the 21st century evolves every year. What’s termed ‘trendy furniture’ is often determined by style influencers, mainly celebrities; and TV (movies).  But on close inspection, the influencers have a major say in furniture trends. The 21st century market is particularly volatile due to the emergence of younger buyers and the intervention of technology. Also, women are getting increasingly buoyant financially and are willing to spend a lot of money on fancy furniture. 

When you put all these into context, the direction of the next furniture ideas is, to be honest, uncertain. But at present, there seem to be a lot of buzz about some furniture ideas. We’ve outlined them all. So if you’re a major furniture fanatic, knowing what’s in trend can give you an idea as to how to beautify your home. 

  1. Eco-friendly Furniture: The world is in pretty bad shape ecologically. There’s a rising concern for environment as plastic waste increases, and as global warming continues to threaten civilisation. Due to this development, eco-friendly furniture pieces are getting really popular. If you are in support of a sustainable environment, and you should be, then you definitely need to get some eco-friendly furniture in your home.
  2. Smaller and Multifunctional Furniture: The world population is rapidly increasing. Home spaces are affected as a result as there are smaller homes now. There has been a shift from ornateness to smaller profile when it comes to selecting furniture—and rightly so. If you hope to maximise the space in your home, then you should definitely get smaller profile chairs. Multifunctional furniture too is necessary; these are furniture that do various tasks and, as a result, create space for extra storage.
  3. Technological-Oriented furniture: We’re in the 21st century—hello!—so if your furniture can’t accommodate technological devices, then you’re at a loss. Getting nightstands and shelves with outlets for charging is very essential.
  4. Vintage furniture: Like it or not, traditional furniture will always be around. Not only are they durable, they are also more affordable than modern furniture. In the current economic situation, you may really need to go for these.

Small Detail Home Décor Ideas

Furniture aside, the little details in your home, if modified correctly, can greatly improve the décor. By doing things as simple as fixing a colourful light bulb, adding wallpaper, or throwing a pillow here and there can greatly improve the appearance of your home. We got ourselves to thinking, and came up with the following trendy and yet little home décor ideas that you can affordably implement.

Gloss Up Your Entryway
The entryway is where people enter and exit your home. Just by adding a bit of modern or traditional décor (or both) to that area, it can really liven up the rest of your house. Here’s an idea: set a handcrafted foot-mat at the entrance, and harmonise its color with either a modern abstract art on the wall next to it, or a traditional wooden table with an eco-vase placed on it. Picture the setting… 

Replace Old Throw Pillows
Throw pillows in your living room or bedroom are one of the easiest ways to decorate a room. By changing the color, or adding new print, then your home could look a lot more different.

Go for a Nature-Inspired Look
Anything that vaguely represents nature is worth seeing. You can insert a natural look into your home by adding furnishings made of marble, wood, concrete or placing vases of jute, seagrass, and the like.

Reupholster Furniture
You don’t have to change your furniture to redesign your home. By simply reupholstering them, you can put in a new feel and vibe into your home. Imagine light pink chairs next to a marble fireplace with white vases of flowers on it, fixed to a white wall.

Rearrange Furniture
Sometimes, to give your home a whole new décor, you simply just have to rearrange your furniture. The chairs and sofas don’t have to line up; get creative and wow yourself.

Hang Paintings
Your wall is painted beautifully, sure, but does your home have enough color? If it doesn’t, then by hanging a bunch of colourful abstract art on a plain wall can really gloss up your home.

Add New Lighting
Never underestimate the power of lighting and its positioning. Why not go for some cool ceiling top brass light than a bedside table lamp?
The idea behind small detail home décor is to get creative. You don’t always have to make big changes to redesign your home. The small details matter, take advantage of that.

Small Bedroom Décor Ideas 
Your bedroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your home. No worries, there’s plenty small bedroom furniture on the market you can fit in there. If you know you’ve got a really small bedroom, and you truly believe you dint have enough space to work with, then you’re in the right place. There are so many small bedroom decor ideas that you can implement right now to lighten up your room without spending much.
You’re probably thinking ‘how?’ We understand. A lot of interior design professionals would want you to believe that a bedroom needs a king sized bed, or a sitting area or even a small office, but none of that is true. Your bedroom is a place of rest, not a lounge. There’s so much you can do with that very limited space. So we’ve come up with some pretty great ideas to get you started.

Use Light and Bright Colours
Colours evoke emotions; it’s wise to use the best colours for lighting and design that aid rest or recuperation. In this case, we advise the colour white for small bedrooms. White lighting highlights the spaces in the room; never will your room feel boxed in. as for the upholsteries, white is also a good choice. Too bland for you, mix the white sheets with colored throw pillows or a framed painting on the wall.

Maximise Floor Space
The easiest way to maximise space in a small bedroom is to push your bed up against the farthest corner. Most people prefer to centre their beds, but for a small room, that really chokes up the space. So we advise that you press your bed against a wall or corner to maximise floor space.

Consider Minimalism
Your bedroom needs to feel as free as possible. As long as the bed can fit in nice and perfect, other furniture pieces should be kept minimal. If you can’t avoid adding excess furniture, use modern furniture that is easily movable and have built-ins for storage.

Add a Mirror
Mirrors have a way of magnifying things. It’ll help create the illusion that your rom is bigger than it actually is. You could try going for a traditional mirror as those look elegant and are quite large.

Dining Room Décor Ideas 
Come to think of it, the dining room is perhaps the only room in the house where you can get super creative with design. No one spends a lot of time there, it’s empty at times. However, the color and décor it brings to the whole house from a distance is riveting. This is exactly why you should get creative with it. In fact, the dining room is the best place to mix up modern and traditional decors. Here are some ideas you could totally benefit from:

Use Traditional Furniture
For your dining room, you’ll want something that totally stands out from all the other furniture in the house. What better way to do that than to have an open dining space filled with traditional wooden chairs and table? Think further, wouldn’t it be complete if you used reclaimed wood to panel the walls? That would definitely accent the traditional furniture. Give it a try.

Use a Metallic Wallpaper
Your dining room has to look exciting. Why not add a modern metallic wallpaper to contrast the classic furniture. The mixture of the classic and modern décor will really bring out the glimmer of the room, especially when the lighting is appropriately matched.

Play With Colours
The dining room is your creative hub. This isn’t the time to get stingy with your creative process; you’ve got to let it out. You finally have the chance to experiment with colours, and you don’t even need to repaint the walls. Your cabinets, table linen and curtains could all have different yet harmonising colours. You could even hang an artwork on the walls to complement the whole colourful setting.

Decorate the Ceiling
Although often overlooked, your dining room ceiling is an important part of the whole décor. Why not hang a chandelier? Everyone likes to see one, and it could greatly improve the appearance of every accent in the room. You could also add a nice accent color to the ceiling or apply wallpaper to it. Remember, the ceiling is your canvas.

Kitchen Decoration Tips
The dining room is fun to be in, but let’s not forget our kitchen, shall we? If you really want to remodel your kitchen and you’re on a tight budget or don’t have the time, then these ideas will be of great benefit to you. The kitchen is a tender room in your home. It only needs subtle changes to liven up.
But first, you should know that the kitchen’s beauty lies in its walls. Why, because that’s the first thing our eyes see when we walk into it. It’s unfortunate that the walls don’t get as much attention as the appliances and countertops. The walls of your kitchen may be the main reason why you often lose the urge to cook. Updating your kitchen’s design is relatively easy, and you don’t need to spend a lot. Here are some top notch ideas to implement when next you try to redesign your kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen Colourful
Truth be told, the fastest way to liven up a room is to improve its color. However, the kitchen is more complicated, as a lot of things need to be coloured differently. First, there’s the kitchen’s primary color, which is the color of the countertops and cabinets. Second, there is the color of the walls which has to complement the primary colour. But the third color palette that makes these other colours stand out are the colours of your accessories like stools, cookware and vases. These colours need to blend perfectly or your kitchen will end up looking like chaos.

Highlight Wall with Shelves
Kitchens always have shelves, but what kind are they? There’s a new trend of shelves which greatly highlight the walls. They’re called open shelves; these types of shelves allow you to fill them up visibly with cookware and vases that are colourful enough to spark up the room.

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