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Article: All to Know about the Handicraft Industry

All to Know about the Handicraft Industry

All to Know about the Handicraft Industry

All to Know about the Handicraft Industry

When you put the handicraft industry in perspective, you have to talk about India, the home of culture, art and tradition. In fact, in terms of handicraft manufacture, India is one of the richest countries in the world selling art. The handicraft products made in India are purely class and depict every aspect of beauty, culture, tradition, and most of all, the beauty of the country. Its handicraft exports are one of the best in the world.

Handicraft is so popular a trade in India that many different places in the country specialise in a different art of their own. For example, Jaipur is known for making quilted handicraft items; Saharanpur is renowned for its wooden handicraft products; and Jodhpur a perfect spot for iron handicraft merchandise.

The diversity of handicraft in India is beyond overwhelming. You will almost certainly find a handicraft product that speaks to you. This article attempts to break down the wide handicraft industry in the country.

Types of Handicraft Industry

From wood to copper and marble; metal and iron to resin; crochet and calligraphy, India is the hub of the handicraft business. Here are the variations of the much appreciated and awed handicraft industry.

Wooden Handicraft Products

This involves the art of altering the shape of simple wood to make elegantly crafted pieces of art. Here, wood is used to create artful products like:

  • Wooden decorative items – wooden boxes, wooden wall frames, wooden wall clocks, wooden wall hangings, wooden flower pots, etc.
  • Wooden kitchen items –  wooden spatulas, wooden spoons, wooden mortar and pestles, and many others.
  • Wooden religious products.

There is absolutely no end to what handicraft artisans can create with wood. The possibilities are endless.

Decorative Copper Handicraft Items

Copper is a prominent raw material used in the handicraft industry. It can be used to create tons of various handicraft products, most especially decorative pieces. In addition to being used to create utensils, copper can be used to create religious items, statues and of course decorative accessories that can be worn on clothing or skin.

Marble Statues

Marble is one of the most beautiful items used in handicraft manufacture. Its decorative properties allow it to be crafted into marble temple, marble statues and other marble decorative items. Head over to Pinterest and you’ll find the most beautifully decorated marble statues. In fact, marble handicraft items are one of the most demanded handicraft products in India. They (marble handicraft products) also take a majority of India’s handicraft export.

Metal Handicraft Items

Not just metal is used for handicraft purposes though. White metal, a silvery alloy, is the main focus of many decorative handicraft products. A tin based alloy, white metal has been used to create beautiful silverware, ornaments, bearings, jewellery, figurines and medals. Many antique products are made from white metal like statues and religious items.

Resin Handicraft Art

Resins are sticky flammable organic substances that are used to make very elegant ornaments and accessories. Through melting or moulding; cutting or shaping, resins can be turned into elegant pieces of craft. Examples of resin craft are glitter rings, jewellery, fabric, coffee tables, trays, bowls, wall art, pendants, key-chains and charms. Best part about resin handicraft, they’re so easy to make—you can make them yourselves.

Crochet Handicraft Fabrics

The ability to turn simple threads, yarns and clothing materials into intricately designed fabric is a prowess mastered in India. Crochet making is one of the most popular art forms in the country. Artisans are able to weave or loop simple cloth materials into thick fabrics which can be further designed into beautiful clothing. Popular crochet made is scarfs, hats, cowls, flowers—crochet ideas are endless.

Calligraphic Handicraft Art

Calligraphy is a type of visual art that pays attention to writing, like hieroglyphics. Calligraphic products are made by imprinting letters, alphabets or designs on canvases or fabrics. This type of handicraft manufacture is very common in India.

The India handicraft industry is a huge part of the Indian economy. Tons and tons of companies in the country are dedicated to manufacturing handicraft products and exporting them. It sells a lot of these antiques. Let’s have a look at some of India’s famous handicraft exports.

India’s Top Handicraft Exports

The foreign exchange balance of a country signifies the country’s economic strength. For India, it’s pretty strong, as the country spreads its culture and heritage round the world with its handicraft exports. Not only has the handicraft industry paved ways for its low-class to get steady income, it has also led to higher gains for big handicraft companies in the country.

The following handicraft exports are listed from top to bottom according to international patronisation.

  1. Metalware Art

There is no foreseeable to the demand of Metalware. This includes metals like gold, silver, brass and copper. Metalware involves using these precious metals to carve out idols and to make jewelleries, accessories, ornaments or intricately designed kitchen utensils. Metalware art can be broken down into various segments like bidri work, bell metal, etc. Shimmering utilities of such decorative calibre are manufactured in huge amounts in India, and exported around the world. This type of handiwork products bring in significant annual turnover for handiwork exporters.

  1. Woodwork

A close second to Metalware, woodwork takes up a big share of the handiwork export market. Wooden furniture will always be demanded for. And this high demand means artisans are always ready to make regal rich designs to satisfy the needs of foreigners. Woodwork can be crafted in so many ways. Wooden handiwork products are often so precisely crafted that they may seem machine-made! In fact, the turnover gotten from woodwork exports has enriched the pockets of locals in the rural parts of India.

  1. Textile Embroidery and Prints

Textile embroidery involves weaving layers of threads into fabrics to give them elegant designs. This is arguably one of the most stylistic handicrafts in the country. Textile embroidery differs with the artisans’ style; and the styles are influenced by fabric texture, pattern differences and craft ideas. Overall, textile embroidery is a beauty to behold. Wearing clothing that have clusters of patterns floral designs and idol works (like mandalas) gives a certain sense of satisfaction. This is why textile embroidery is one of the most exported handiwork products in India.

Another textile handiwork craft to consider is hand printing. Textile hand printing involves the beautification of textile by infusing block printings and natural dyes into the fabric.

  1. Shawls

Shawls made from handlooms are elegant masterpieces. Shawls are loose pieces of clothing worn around the upper body from the shoulders to the arms or over the head. India contributes to more than 80% of the world’s shawl production. In fact, handloom is the country’s second best employment generator—the first is agriculture. India’s shawl production is facilitated by the country’s wide array of rich fabrics and yarn types. The shawl export is one that is here to stay for a long time.

  1. Zari Products

Zari (sometimes Jari) goods are threads of gold and silver woven into silky and velvet fabrics that are then used to create intricate designs and patterns. Using Zari threads, many gifted artisans are able to weave elegant silk and velvet garments, as well as home décor items. Yard spinning in India is popular in the Surat region of the country. Its export is a booming trade.

  1. Jewellery

The most artistic handicraft in the industry could very well be jewellery creation. Artisans in India take great time to craft the most elegant pieces of traditional and modern styled jewels. They use precious materials like white metal, glass, resin, gems and other precious stones. Combined with metal work, goldsmithing and diamond processing is one of the country’s major exports. The demand for jewellery in the world is ever rising; and a lot of it is produced by handicraft.

  1. Leather Wears

The bulk of India’s traditional art is focused on leatherwear making. In fact, the leather industry employs a lot of local artisans. India is well reputable for manufacturing tons of beautifully designed leather shoes, slippers and footwears. Areas like Agra, Lucknow, Chennai and Ranipet are known for making a lot of customised leather footwear designs.

  1. Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are prominent handiwork products that that are exported on a daily basis by India.  Hand-woven carpets are not a very hard thing to see; they are manufactured in every part of the country. The major raw materials used to create intricately designed and patterned carpets that feel good on the feet are yarns and fibres. Patterns aren’t just woven mindlessly; they mean something. This is why carpet and rug handiwork items are popular export products. These handiworks are mainly manufactured in Mirzapur, Andhra Pradesh, Gwalior, Agra, etc.

  1. Stone Carvings

One handiwork art that has survived the ancient times in India till the present is the stone carving industry.  Stone carving involves a complex process of removing unneeded properties of stone material. It requires the highest skill and experience to create elegant masterpieces from stone. Some popular examples of stone carvings are miniature idols, candle stores, ornamental boxes and jewelleries. A lot of people around the world patronise decorative stone carving items, and it is a huge handiwork export of India. The major stone carving areas are Agra, Puri, Rajkot, etc.

India’s handicraft products aren’t like any regular machine made artefacts. They are crafted with passion which gives them the name handicraft. The embellishments along with little imperfections are what make all handiwork products special. Witness the art in first person; get yourself some handiwork products today.

Buying the Right Furniture

Now that we’ve established why handiwork is so rich with design, intricate shapes and patterns, we can now discuss when you need furniture, how to invest in furniture and what types of furniture you need in your home. In addition to these points, we’ll also be looking at why wooden furniture is the best furniture. Handiwork furniture does come in handy; here’s all to know about furniture.

Reasons to Buy Furniture

Ordinarily, having furniture should be a no-brainer. We always need furniture whether at work, at home, in a school—anywhere. The need for furniture doesn’t start and stop at the establishment of a new home; it evolves as our lives go through changes. To live a comfortable life, one must have furniture. You’ll need furniture for sitting, resting, sleeping or for something as significant as storage. Here are some reasons to buy furniture:

  1. Home Remodelling: Sometimes, you may decide to remodel your entire home or just change some parts of it. By doing this, chances are your old furniture won’t quite fit in. In such cases, you’ll need entirely new furniture. Also, if you move to another house, your old furniture may not blend in as well as you’d like. So it makes perfect sense to buy new furniture.
  1. Family Changes: A married person would use different furniture than a bachelor or a spinster. Also, when a baby is born into a family, new furniture needs to be bought and some removed. What happens when your grandma comes to live in your home, you’ll want to have furniture that makes them as comfortable as possible. And if someday your child moves out of your house, you’ll need to replace furniture with new ones.
  1. Personal Comfort: As your life progresses, you’ll want to be as comfortable as you can when home. Maybe you feel you can’t stand about as much as you often do, you’ll need some new chairs in your home.
  1. Work from Home: Do you work from home? If yes, then you’ll need a cabinet, a table and a chair to accommodate your work needs. You’ll need to replicate an office setting into your home. This means that you’ll also need shelves for storage.
  1. When Furniture Gets Old: Furniture doesn’t last forever. From time to time, you’ll need to change old furniture with new ones. Keep in mind that wooden furniture lasts longer than any other type of furniture.
  1. Storage: As your family expands, you’ll need to create space for storage. You can do this by buying storage furniture like shelves, cabinets, drawers and cupboards. You’ll also need to accommodate new electronics with furniture like TV stands, dressers etc.

There are so many reasons why you may need furniture; but these are the main reasons why. Investment in furniture is the best way to liven up your home. It’s a fun experience, so get yourself some furniture—wooden furniture especially.

Types of Furniture Your Home Needs

Every room in your home serves its own distinct purpose. By looking at the furniture, you can instantly tell the function of a room. For example, you’ll find dining tables and chairs in the dining room; dressers in the bedroom; and cabinets in the study. Furnishing your home with the much needed furniture can bring out the life in it. Here is a list of furniture you need for every single room in your home:

  1. Living Room Furniture

Your living room is more than your home’s lobby; it’s where friends and family gather when they visit. Your living room says a lot about your person. It has to be nothing short of comfortable, stylish and inviting. It’s so easy to get furniture you need by looking online; and here are some you definitely need: Sofa or Futon, Settee, Stools, Coffee table, End table, TV stand, etc.

  1. Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture has to be comfortable, simple and durable. You want your room to be as free as possible. No matter your bedroom setting and style, you’ll need the following furniture options: Bed, (with mattress), Headboard, Dresser, Nightstand, Armoire etc.

  1. Dining Room Furniture

Having dinner with your guests can be fun. It could even be more exciting in a dining room furnished with elegant looking furniture. You’ll need a dining table, dining chairs, buffet, bar stools, cabinet, etc.

Furniture is a great way to bring out the beauty within your home. But before buying any furniture on a gung ho mindset, make sure you plan your home décor in advance; consider quality and not trend, plan for space and invest in good furniture. In this case, wooden furniture may very well be the best investment.

Why You Should Buy Wooden Furniture

Wood blends with anything and everything! Wood offers a unique blend of visual appeal and structural durability. Wooden furniture can transform the very fabric of your home and give it an ‘organic’ feel. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy some wooden furniture:

  1. Durability

Wood doesn’t just look good; it can last a long time. If you want furniture that can stand the test of time, get yourself some wooden furniture. And you have options. You can go for hardwood like hardwood, or softwood like celery top pine. The choice is yours. And wooden furniture is easy to maintain with simple waxing, polishing and oiling—which you only have to do occasionally.

  1. Exquisite Look and Feel

Wooden furniture strikes a strong imagery into any room it is placed in. When made as a handiwork product, they give an aesthetic allure to any home. They also bring a feel of nature into a home, blending in perfectly with open space.

  1. Design Variety

Wood comes in various textures, structures, colours and tones which can greatly impact the look, feel and style of furniture. If you’re buying handicraft wooden furniture, you’re making the right move. You’ll be able to customise your wooden furniture exactly as you please.

  1. Versatile

Wooden furniture can blend in into any setting. It can fit in into both traditional and modern home settings. Even in outdoor areas like the garden or backyard, wooden furniture can greatly enhance the look of a place.

  1. Eco-friendly

Wood is great for the environment. Majority of wood properties is made of carbon, which makes it more environmentally friendly than any other type of furniture.

Buy wooden furniture from handicraft artisans and inject nature into your home. Buy from Woodsala today.

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