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Article: Enjoy the Luxury of Restful Sleep: Choose the Perfect Bed Size

Enjoy the Luxury of Restful Sleep: Choose the Perfect Bed Size

Enjoy the Luxury of Restful Sleep: Choose the Perfect Bed Size

The temptation of an oversized bed is hard to resist. With perfectly moulded mattresses, plush pillows, soft blankets and an aesthetically chosen quilt, it may seem like your perfect snooze destination. But don’t be quick to choose. Your hunt for the perfect bed should start with your room measurements, and not your bed’s measurement. Unless you have enough space to move around after adding all the necessary furniture in your bedroom, daily navigation could be frustrating.

 So, here are the three factors that you should consider before choosing the bed  size.

  • Do you know your room dimensions?
  • How many people will be sleeping in the bed?
  • Does the bed need to be extra spacious to accommodate unusual sleeping habits or above-average physical characteristics of any of the users?

Room Dimensions

Consider the placement of the bed in a room. You will need to leave at least 30 to 36 inches space around the bed for easy movement and getting in and out of bed. A similar ‘buffer’ zone needs to be factored in for each piece of furniture. Get an idea of every piece of furniture you plan on having before choosing the bed size so that the room does not get overcrowded.

Number of people

There is no need to immediately settle for a single bed even if only person is going use it. If the room dimensions permit, opt for a full bed, keeping in mind the luxury of additional space and future requirements. Also, if two or more persons are to share a bed, before settling on a queen or king size, consider whether it would be more convenient for all to have twin or bunk beds instead.

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Individual considerations

If you or your partner tends to sleep diagonally rather than straight, be kind to the other and get a bigger bed. Same rule applies if either of you have unusual physical characteristics. Also, do not be deterred by standard sizes as reliable sellers like Woodsala offer the option of customisation. If you need a few extra inches, get it done accordingly, rather than try to compromise with a standard size bed.

That being said, what are the standard sizes of beds? Let’s take a quick look.

Twin Bed: For a smaller room, twin beds are often a better choice than a larger, single unit. Twin beds are either two units of standard single size, that is, 36”x75” or can be slightly longer to accommodate adults, that is 36”x80” or even 39”x80”

Full Bed: Also called double beds, this is a favourite size for small families living in compact apartments. They are available in fantastic designs and even provide for storage options. A standard full-size bed measure 54”x75”

Queen Bed: At a standard size of 60”x80”, queen beds offer the perfect amount of space for a small family. At Woodsala, a variety of queen-size beds are available with beautiful carvings and ornate headboards.

King Size Bed: For a large family or just a couple, who like to enjoy the comfort of a spacious bed, the king size is the best bet. A standard king size bed stands at 76”x80”. If space permits, you could also go for an extra-large king bed which is called Super King or California King. At 72”x84”, these beds are ideal for individuals who are taller than average.

Finding the ideal bed is one of the most crucial elements in setting up your home. If you choose to buy your bed online, head over to Woodsala for an amazing collection of wooden beds that will serve you for a lifetime.

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