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Article: Diwans: The Timeless Classic for Indian Living Rooms

Diwans: The Timeless Classic for Indian Living Rooms

Diwans: The Timeless Classic for Indian Living Rooms

Long before the advent of recliners, couches and futons, Diwans were an integral part of Indian living rooms. Said to have originated in ancient Persia, these low seaters have been adapted into every style of living room, from traditional to contemporary. The classic pattern with an uneven backrest is still popular for its sheer elegance, while the plain couches without backrests are also widely in use. If you are looking for new living room furniture or simply trying to upgrade the look of your present living room, you should definitely start by checking out the amazing diwans and settees on Woodsala. It will give you a clear idea about the sheer versatility of these classic pieces of furniture.

Finding the Perfect Diwan For Your Living Room

Depending on the size of your living room, the diwan can either be the centrepiece or an accessory. For a traditional Indian look, upholster your diwan in brocade or jacquard fabrics. If your diwan does not have a backrest, it is easy to change the look to suit your mood. For a formal evening with guests, use an embroidered sheet with traditional motifs and cushion covers to match. For a casual evening, throw on a regular sheet in fun patterns and accessorise your cushions accordingly.

Traditionally, diwans are made in solid wood with beautiful carvings on the frame and legs. But now diwans are also available in contemporary designs with less of carvings and more of a minimalist style. You can also find them in fun and quirky designs, with in-built storage and unusual frames.

Diwans are typically narrow and compact but can be any size you want it to be. In some living rooms where the diwan is the focus of the seating arrangement, they can be quite large. Some are made with two curved armrests while others do away with backrests and armrests altogether and just provide low seating. Two bolster pillows and three to five cushions are the usual arrangements seen on diwans, though it is completely up to your tastes to accessorize it in any way you see fit.

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Here are some tips on how you can use your diwan to complement the décor.

Match Your Diwan to the Décor

Traditional living rooms

If you have opted for a traditional look for your living room, a vintage-looking diwan with regal upholstery will fit right in. There is something about bolster pillows and silk cushions that elevate the look of a room, making it charming and welcoming. You can accessorise it with throws or rugs and even add an Ottoman to truly give it a royal look.

Contemporary Living Rooms

If you have a contemporary living room with the L-shape sofa arrangement, ditch the flat seating on the shorter end of the L for a diwan. It adds its own quirky element to the look. You can also put in a smaller, backless diwan instead of chairs in the arrangement. Do up the upholstery in floral designs or stripes for a trendy look.

Modern Living Rooms

Modern living rooms are meant to display your artistic side. The best thing about a diwan is how adaptable it is in design. There are some stunning modern diwan designs available that defy your notions about how this piece of furniture should look. From the frame to the backrest, there are many innovations that are not just great to look at, but can also provide for storage or space separation.


A Diwan in the bedroom makes for a great spot to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or relax with a book. It is also a useful addition if you have children who may suddenly decide they don’t want to be alone in their own rooms.

Office Reception Areas

Instead of a set of chairs, an office reception can choose to put in a diwan instead to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Being compact and easy to move around, diwans can be quite versatile. Here are some more great ways to put your Diwan to use.

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Fun Ways to Use Your Diwan


This is the perfect spot to curl up in during the day with a book or watch TV. Taking a nap in the living room on your comfy diwan is the perfect activity for a weekend!

Extra bed for an unexpected guest

With a diwan in your living room, you never have to worry about a friend unexpectedly crashing in for the night. It doubles up as the perfect bed to sleep in for a night or two.

Create a special corner

If you are having a special event in your house, throw on some colourful cushions to create the ideal backdrop for photos. Or make it the ideal spot to arrange gifts or party favours. With its good looks and elegance, your diwan can be a highlight point in the room.

Smart storage

If you are short on space, create a custom-made diwan with in-built storage. Put away all the unsightly mess while having a great piece of living room furniture.

Create an artistic corner

If you have a small nook or veranda somewhere in the house that you don’t know what to do with, just put in a diwan and create an artistic lounge corner with colourful throws and cushions. It will become your informal hangout space.

Put a bare wall to good use

If you have a bare wall in your living room, across from your formal seating arrangement, simply put a diwan with a few wall racks above it to create a cosy corner. With some framed pictures and a couple of potted plants, this can form a separate informal seating area that makes use of available space without detracting from your main living room.

If you have a vintage diwan in your ancestral home, give it a good polish and put it up with pride in your living room. Or else, head over to Woodsala to choose one that will give you the perfect look in tune with your sensibilities. This is a versatile piece of furniture that every home must have!

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