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Article: Common Home Decor Mistakes People Make

Common Home Decor Mistakes People Make

Common Home Decor Mistakes People Make

Admit it, we all spend hours scrolling through Pinterest or Google, looking for the best interior decor ideas for our dream home. Yet, when we finally bring it to life, it often doesn’t turn out the way expected. Whether it’s a painting that is hung too high, the living room wall that looks too cluttered, or the wrong lampshade that doesn’t go too well with the living room setting, goof-ups are all-too-common when it comes to home decoration.
Here are some common mistakes that you should be mindful of, and you’ll have the home of your dreams in no time:
  • Choosing your paints colors first followed by furniture and other decor items – This is one of the most common mistakes people make. They choose the paint color first followed by the wooden furniture and other items, only to realize that the paint just doesn’t go with other décor accents. So, decide on the paint color at the very end. Choose your wooden furniture and other furnishings followed by the paint color. Paint color can always be changed but wooden home decor furniture is expensive and something you can’t change easily.
  • Lights and chandelier – Choose lights that highlight your decor. Your lighting should illuminate the entire room and not just the ceiling. Be mindful of corners and light them up with a lampshade. If you have a chandelier, don’t hang it too high or it will only illuminate the ceiling.
  • Hanging the artwork too high – Many people hang artworks or paintings close to the ceiling. Artworks should be at eye-level. Of course, height perception varies from person to person, but do use your judgement.
  • Opting for style over comfort - There are a number of wooden furniture items that look great and stylish but are not too comfortable to sit on. However, remember that you’re decorating your home and not a museum. And home is synonymous with comfort and warmth, and your home decor should reflect that.
  • Creating a theme room – Decorating your kid’s room to make it look like it’s straight out of a fairytale can be fun and your little one will love it too! However, theme rooms become outdated quickly and your little one will grow up quickly as well. You’ll end up spending more money on revamping the entire room. So, stick to a regular theme and choose furniture that will go well with the setting.
  • Relying only on overhead lighting – While overhead lighting is good to have, it does not provide enough illumination. The lighting in your room should be a mix of overhead lights, sconces, and pendant lamps, to get the perfect lighting.
  • Too many photo frames – Too many photo frames can give a cluttered look to the walls. You don’t have to use up the entire wall after all. It’s okay to have some empty space. Partially decorating a wall will lend a feeling of spaciousness to the room.
  • Holding on to knickknacks – Many homeowners tend to hold on to old items even if they don’t complement the interiors aesthetically. Of course, if the item holds some special significance or emotional value, it’s different, but otherwise, if you want to make your home look clean and fresh, you need to do away with things that don’t fit in.

So, you see, these DIY home decoration ideas are really simple and inexpensive. Whether you’re decorating your new home or just giving your old one a new look, these DIY simple home decor ideas will lend some freshness and personality. Sometimes, by just adjusting your wall-pieces, rearranging your furniture and adding a few light bulbs here and there, you can create a cosy home.


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