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7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Wooden Chair

7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Wooden Chair

Parting with furniture pieces can be hard, especially if they have some emotional significance, like the chair that you purchased with your first paycheque or your grandfather’s chair that’s been passed from one generation to the next.’s some good news! You can turn them into gorgeous pieces of furniture that will add value to your home decor with a little bit of work.  Here are some simple ways to give your old rickety chair a makeover. Get your creative juices flowing and give your old chairs new life with these easy wooden chair renovation ideas:
  1. Paint it anew – Wooden paint and polishes are easily available in the market. So, first clean your chair of any residual dust. Use sandpaper to sand off any old paint. Use putty for any cracks or crevices that are common in old furniture. Use sandpaper to make it smooth, followed by a coat of primer. Once dry, you’re ready to apply the first coat of paint. Use bright colours like yellow, blue, red etc. and get a new trendy wooden chair for regular or special use.
  2. Repurpose it into a storage box – Got no room for that old chair? Yet, don’t want to give it away? Cushion and upholster the top back and the sides. Remove the seat and use a basket or a storage tray that fits into the frame. Use it as a vanity counter for your dressing table or any other table.
  3. Convert it into an outdoor seating bench for your garden – If you’ve got more than one of those old chairs, you can turn them into an outdoor seating bench. Paint it with the colour of your choice and line the seats with a long cushion to tie all the chairs together. This is perfect for two or three chairs in a go. Place the final creation in your garden or patio.
  4. Repurpose it into a dog feeder – If you’re a pet lover, you’ll simply adore this idea. Use sandpaper to remove all the old paint, and cut out a portion of the seat in the size of the vessel you use to feed your dog. Put the vessel in and voila! Your dog has got a great place to dine now. This structure is especially perfect for tall dogs.
  5. Use them as a plant stand – Rather than letting them gather dust in a corner, you can use your wooden chairs as plant stands. Place them in a corner and place the pots on them. Plants can take your home decor scheme to the next level.
  6. Turn it into a side table – Your old chair can double up as a side table. You can use the chair as it is or just disassemble the back and the seat. Use the seat as a side table either in your bedroom or in the living room. The back or top can be used to hang keys and other odds and ends.
  7. How about a coat rack- Use the back of the chair as a coat rack. Sand it down to give it a distressed look, and add sturdy hooks that are commonly available in all home improvement stores. Use it to hang coats, belts, or anything else that you can think of.
So, there you go! You don’t need to do away with old chairs if you can put them to good use with these creative ideas. The above 7 DIY ideas are simple, functional, and don’t require much effort at all. Got any more ideas? Do share with us in the comments below.