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Article: A Handy Guide to Outdoor Furniture Care

A Handy Guide to Outdoor Furniture Care

A Handy Guide to Outdoor Furniture Care

The number one rule when it comes to choosing furniture for the garden, balcony or veranda, is to go for durable materials. Wood and metal rule the roost in outdoor furniture as they are incredibly easy to care for, can weather the seasons, without losing their lustre and come in attractive designs. That does not mean you can skimp on outdoor furniture care! Spare a few moments every once in a while, for your lovingly acquired outdoor furniture, and they will serve you for a really long time. Here are some outdoor furniture care tips to help you out.

  • Place them in shaded areas as much as possible to protect them from direct sunlight. The sun can cause the wood to dry out and get warped. Both wood and metal may lose their brightness and sheen from too much exposure.
  • If at all possible, bring your outdoor furniture inside during the rainy reason. Water can corrode both wood and metal. To protect your outdoor furniture, consider investing in tarpaulin sheets that you can throw over them during rains. Be sure to bring in cushions during rains too.
  • If you live in an area that sees heavy winters and snowfall, you should definitely bring your outdoor furniture indoors during the cold season.

Caring for Your Wooden Furniture

Wood is a natural material and can withstand both sun and rain to a great degree. Give your wooden furniture a weekly rub with a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution. Accumulation of dust is not only an inconvenience, but it can actually start damaging the wood once it builds up. After the clean-up, rub down with some wood oil or furniture polish. At least once a year, be sure to check for minor scratches or abrasions and fix them with wood polish.

When you buy your wooden furniture from a reliable dealer like Woodsala, you can be assured that the wood is of superior quality. Premium woods like teak have natural properties that repel water and insects, giving them a long life and lasting attractiveness. Buying such pieces will relieve you of the headache of wondering how to protect your outdoor furniture.

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Caring for Your Metal Furniture

Metal is incredibly strong in the face of harsh weather elements. With metal, you can be more relaxed when it comes to cleaning. Go ahead and spray it down with your garden hose or wipe down with a soft cloth and detergent. You just have to make sure the furniture has a good coat of paint on it. Be sure to check every year for chipped paint or rust and tackle such issues immediately.

A few more things to keep in mind

An important rule to follow while caring for your outdoor furniture is to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. A responsible furniture store like Woodsala will give you precise instructions on care and maintenance.

Another one of the vital tips for outdoor furniture care involves cushions. Be sure to rotate the cushions so that the same side does not always have to bear the brunt of the heat or chills.

Soft furnishings used along with your outdoor furniture may spoil quickly if left exposed to the sun and moisture. Build up of dirt can also destroy the fabric. All such materials should be regularly washed and cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

To wrap up

No one wants to get up from a lovely reading session in the garden only to find the back of their shirt stained from all the dust and grime on the chair! Regular attention to outdoor furniture care can take away such worries and ensure that your outdoor moments are only about the sun and the greenery and not dust and dirt.

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