Handcrafted Antique Rounded Wooden Trendy Wall Clock - Woodsala
Handcrafted Antique Rounded Wooden Trendy Wall Clock - Woodsala

Rounded Trendy Wall Clock


Regular price Rs. 999.00

  • Wt. x Dpt. x Ht. : 12 x 12 x 2 inch
  • Primary Material : Solid Wood

Beautiful and unique, our Rounded Trendy Wall Clock has a playful design that’s perfect for people who want to add fun and flair to their interior design style. The perfect round wooden wall clock features teak wood slats cut and laid evenly as the clock face, while black rosewood acts as accent and hour/minute marks. Handcrafted with care and undeniable creativity, this decorative wall clock is no easy feat to create. Perfect for modern, contemporary and traditional interior design styles. 

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