12-03-2020 Products and Website

  • The Site was under Maintenance from last 2 days and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, especially to the Existing customers.
  • We had to take down the site, because of several issues, we were facing, like Duplicate Values and Inconsistent Product variants and Slow Speed Problem.
  • Now, Almost full work is done, but still few things are remaining like Price Adjustments and Product photo changes, we are committed to do it as soon as Possible.
  • We will launch a New Section, where new products before launch or in Finish will be shown, to get valuable input from the visitors and to make our Journey with Many People as Possible.
  • The Site is very responsive as compared to Constant freezes and unusable UI which was there few days before.
  • We thank you for your continued support!!

06-03-2020 OVERALL

  • The Site Look has been refreshed 
  • Currently we are working on Optimising the Product Listing, changing the System and Updating Prices.
  • New Products are also being Uploaded and they all will be Live Soon.
  • We are Continually Developing new Sample, so a New Page will be introduced to get a sneak peek of "New Development".
  • Categories will be refreshed and New Menu System have been Introduced with this Fresh Look, and now they are being Further Enhanced, to get Better User Interface.
  • If you have any Suggestion, Please Drop us a Mail at

01-02-2020 Website

  • Fresh New Look
  • We are Currently working on the User Experience

7-01-2020 Website & Support

  • We have revert back the theme changes to the previous theme
  • The Whatsapp no. +95096-58944 has been updated on the site.

1-01-2020 Products

  • 61 New Products have been launched under the Category of Spice Box.

29-12-2019 Support & Products

  • Chat is Removed from the website because of low Engagement Rate.
  • New Products will be launched in January.
  • We are Activating the Whatsapp Account Once Again in January, more info will be shared soon.

21-12-2019 Support

  • Our Mail id has been updated to

20-12-2019 - Products

  • 18 New Products have been Launched under the collection of Kitchen item's.

20-12-2019 - Support

  • We are working on a more user-friendly chat System.
  • Chat button design has been updated as well its user interface.

14-12-2019 - Products

  • New product range will be launched in next week, related to Box Category.
  • We are currently working on a system, where customer can know on which stage the product is, i.e manufacturing, Polishing, packing or others.
  • 5 New Products are Launched under the category of "Bed".

12-12-2019 - Products

  • The Development on Our New Range of Kitchen items has been started, We will share more details later on.
  • In Coming Days, New Dining Table Set will be Uploaded on our Site.
  • Images, Prices, Description and Other info regarding product has to optimized and the Work has been started in that direction.

12-12-2019 - Website & Support

  • New Theme Design
  • Whatsapp no. has been Disabled to streamline customer support system and to respect customer privacy.
  • Current system of contacting is Chat, Toll free no. & E-Mail.
  • Recommended channel of support is E-Mail (
  • A New Page under the title of "Lookbook" has been launched.