Wall Hanging

Use Your Walls - Stand Tall

How many of us actually make use of our vertical spaces? While we place things around the periphery of our rooms, we hardly ever pay attention to the wall unless we have to hang a painting or two. If truth be told, we barely make correct use of our walls, often ignoring them as we try and find storage and utility at the ground level only. 

Buy a wall cabinet or two online or any other cabinetry that you can easily hang - and watch how your space looks and feels after that! Not only will be you be able to get some utility from your walls with these wall hangings, but you will also be able use open cabinets to display your knick knacks and artifacts without merely crowding them on the tables placed around the floor plan of the said room. There are a number of ways to use cabinets on the wall and plan to familiarize you with them all!

Buy Wall Cabinets Online

Wall hanging furniture can be a blessing in disguise. With apartments getting smaller and the need for more space growing by the day, you need to be able to use those walls to the best of your abilities without cluttering the floor and every corner of every room. There are a number of different wall hanging cabinets available which you can choose from. 

When you choose the wall cabinetry, you need to be clear about which space you are buying it for, and the size of the wall where you plan to place this. Also, you will need to consider any other pieces like art work and mirrors that may be hanging on the said wall already. Do scroll through these specifications to know more!

  • Wall Cabinets-based on-room:
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is the space where you probably require maximum storage. There are so many jars, bottles, boxes, and other things that you need to store along with your utensils. You should always remember to create a designated space for all these items so that they are within easy reach when you are cooking and need certain ingredients or condiments right away. The wall hanging kitchen cabinet can come in a variety of sizes and you would need to measure the wall on which you plan to install them. Choose at least two each in varying sizes to hold tall bottles, short jars and all other kinds of condiments. Most of these should be open faced while a few should have doors so that the sauces that need to be stored in a cool place can find a fitting home.
  • Bedroom: The teak wood wall cabinet or any other wooden cabinet would be ideal for the bedroom. Make sure that there is plenty of space between the shelves so that you can store your books, candles and even a few pieces of clothing that you use on a regular basis. In case you are storing clothes, you should choose closed cabinets so that they do not catch dust easily. 
  • Living Room: The hall or the living and dining room can easily accommodate a wood wall cabinet. Now, this can be a large one that dominates an entire wall with some artifacts displayed. Or you can choose slim small ones to hang on either side of a large painting or mirror. This would give you function along with good looks. Choose cabinets with mirrored backs or even stick some wallpaper inside for that pretty lift. You can also install lights on top so that the items within are held within a glow! 
  • Wall Cabinets-based on material and style:
    • Wooden: A wood wall cabinet can come in teak wood or Sheesham. These cabinets look great on a plain wall that has no art work and you can easily place them above a couch or some chairs with bright cushions. 
    • Plastic: These cabinets are best suited for the kitchen area and can even be cleaned and shifted easily. These should be placed away from the gas or stove. 
    • Metal: Pretty metal wall cabinets should be used in the outdoor areas like a balcony or a garden where you can place your gardening tools or some pretty potted plants that would be too small to be placed on the ground. 

    When you are choosing your wall cabinets, you would need to be mindful of the decor. You can choose cabinets that have lots of carving but make sure that the carving does not clash with the carving on any other pieces of furniture in the space. Typically, carved cabinets would look great with upholstered furniture and a plain coffee table or dining table. The polish of the wood should also match or completely contrast the rest of the wooden furniture in the space. 

    Also, if the couches and the bed in the rooms in question are large, then the wall cabinets should be in proportion to the same. Too small cabinets may look mismatched while pieces that are too large may make the room look cluttered. Always remember to choose medium sized pieces that will complement the rest of the furniture and still catch the eye of the person looking at the said room. 

    Ready to start installing that wall cabinetry yet?