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Shri rama, hanuman ji & Mata Jhaanki Teak wood Statue Statue
Antique Full-Body Buddha Statue Statue
Antique Full-Body Buddha Statue Sale price₹ 8,999.00
Antique Full Body Buddha Statue – 4kg Statue
Antique Solid Metal Buddha Bust/Head Statue Statue
Brass Krishna Statue Statue
Brass Krishna Statue Sale price₹ 21,000.00
Antique Full-Body Buddha Statue Statue
Antique Full-Body Buddha Statue Sale price₹ 18,999.00
Antique Buddha Head Statue Statue
Antique Buddha Head Statue Sale price₹ 4,999.00


Display Your Love for Art and Culture with a Beautiful Statue in Your Home

There are some elements of home décor that are not about utility but about representing what the home and its dwellers stand for. They make statements about who you are and what your attitude to life is. Statues, sculptures and small figurines belong to this category. They are works of art that enhance the aesthetic of your home but are also far more than that. If you are planning to buy statues for your home, here are some things to know.

They Represent Peace and Positive Energy

A wooden or metal figurine, crafted to perfection, is a result of hard work on the part of the artisan. But in your home, it also represents a soothing and benign presence that can calm frayed nerves and bring in an air of positivity. A Buddha statue buy is a gift of serenity that you can give yourself.

They show your respect for Indian culture

Sculptures of deities or even figurines of mythological animals or art forms from across the country are part of the cultural landscape. When you buy sculptures for your home, you are in fact bringing home a piece of our culture that you and your family will treasure for generations.

They are beautiful to look at

If you have ever set out to buy statues online, you would have seen the amazing perfection with which they are made. Buddha figurines have every feature represented to perfection while a Krishna statue might even have the folds of the dhoti carved perfectly. With attention to detail and the most striking use of colours, statues are beautiful works of art that are a delight to look at, anytime.

They show respect for art and artisans

India has a rich tradition of making sculptures and figurines and there is a whole community of artists who painstakingly make them to adorn homes everywhere. When you buy sculptures or figurines for your home, you are paying homage to those unseen artisans who add a touch of beauty to our lives and homes every day.

How to Choose Statues for Your Home

Any available space in your home can be enhanced with a beautiful sculpture or figurine. Choose a size that does not overpower the room. But if you have a bare foyer or any corner that is left unused, you can put a large statue or sculpture and make it a highlight of the room. Even if you don’t have a large free space, brighten up your living room with small figurines on the side tables. You can even put in a wall rack just for your statues. Highlight with a small spotlight on it.

Buy statues to decorate your home or even as a gifting idea. It is a choice you will always be happy about.