Enhance The Beauty Of Your Interiors With Trendy Or Traditional Wooden Pillars

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Interiors With Trendy Or Traditional Wooden Pillars

Space is a premium these days, whether you buy a house or apartment. So, savvy homeowners often try to make the most of the available space by introducing sleek and smart furniture items. This is the reason why a wooden pillar has become immensely popular as a decorative and functional accent. Available in both trendy and traditional avatars at Woodsala, these pillars are easy to accommodate anywhere you want and can hold a variety of objects to reduce clutter and make any room look stunning.  

So, first take a look at the popular wooden pillar designs you can bring home:

  1. Simple, rustic and white-washed – Handcrafted from solid wood and polished painstakingly to lend a rustic appeal, this simple yet elegant pillar will liven up any modern or vintage-style room. You can place a single pillar in one corner of a room, or place two of these on either side of a chic sofa, or arrange a pair on either side of your main entrance for the best effect. This wooden pillar is extremely sturdy and durable too.
  1. Rustic, slim and grey-white – Here is another stylish wooden pillar design that can go well with contemporary rooms, country-style rooms or even those that boast fusion décor schemes. Sleek, with a hint of green around the base and top, this pillar can augment the look of your living room, dining room, bedroom or even the study. This grey-white beauty can be placed against both light and dark-coloured walls. 
  1. Dark, beautifully carved and traditional – If you are looking for traditional wooden pillars, this one will easily steal the show with its robust, solid design, curved contours and the ethnic top inspired by temple architecture. You can place a pair of these on either side of your prayer room door for a unique look. These can be placed on either side of your main entrance as well, and used for hanging bags and umbrellas. You can also place one of these traditional pillars in a corner of your bedroom to hang up clothes or accessories like hats and belts.

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How to style wooden pillars:

Here are some ways in which you can utilise wooden pillars and also boost their charm:

  • Feel free to place a simple bowl of fresh fruits on a wooden pillar, if you are placing it in the living or dining room. You can also position a classy vase of vibrant flowers on it or a small planter with lush creepers overflowing on all sides.
  • If the pillars are flanking a doorway, once again, you can place elegant vases or pots on these, or even a pair of sculptures. Thick candles or small collectibles can be placed on these too, to lend personality to your foyer.
  • If you choose to place identical pillars on either side of your bed, you can use them to organise small trinkets, reading glasses and a small bottle of water. Family photos, a book, medicines and a few snacks can also be kept on these.
  • When it comes to wooden pillar decoration, no matter where it is placed, fragrant floral garlands or string lights can be wrapped around these for a striking appearance. You can especially try this tip if you are placing a pillar at the base of a staircase or in the foyer.

All in all, buying a wooden pillar online will help you save up on a lot of floor area without compromising on storage or aesthetic needs. All you have to do is decide where you want to place these and keep the dimensions of the room or hall in mind. These pillars are a very easy way to add character and style to any home.

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