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Article: Teak Wood Furniture - Be Aware of the Pros and Cons

Teak Wood Furniture - Be Aware of the Pros and Cons

Teak Wood Furniture - Be Aware of the Pros and Cons

Talking about wooden furniture, for both indoor and outdoor purposes, teak wood furniture is in a league of its own. Teak wood has stood the test of time for its beautiful texture and durability. The benefits of opting for teak wood furniture outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s take a look at both—the pros and cons of teak wood furniture.

Pros of teak wood furniture

Aesthetic appeal: Teak wood furniture has an aesthetic appeal like no other. Teak wood is considered to be one of the most beautiful woods for its tight and straight grain pattern. It also boasts of natural golden-brown hues and the ability to age well. Great to touch, teak wood looks outstanding in comparison with many other wood alternatives.

Versatility: While teak wood looks great as it is in its natural state, you can use paint, polish or varnish on it to suit your style and preference. Teak wood can be used to make various kinds of furniture pieces such as dining tables, chairs, bed frames, bench seats and more, making the hardwood an extremely versatile option.

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Resistance to rot, decay and termites: If you are wondering, “why teak wood furniture?” here’s the reason. One of the biggest advantages of using teak wood for making furniture is that it repels termite infestations and other insects that can destroy furniture. The abundance of natural oils in teak wood also prevents damages caused due to moisture and resists rot and decay. Thus, making your furniture last longer.

Durable and heat resistant: Being a strong hardwood derived from broad-leaved deciduous trees, teak wood is highly durable. The denser and heavier wood is, the stronger it is. Teak wood is a good insulator, making it the most preferred choice among hardwoods used for wooden furniture. Plus, teak wood does not become too hot during the summer season but retains its warmth during the cold months. It is also resistant to fungal attacks that are common during the rainy season. If treated with care, teak wood furniture can last for a long time. This is because teak wood does not bend or warp, or crack or splinter like most other types of wood.

Easy to maintain: In most cases, you can just wipe clean teak furniture with a lint-free cloth to get rid of dirt and dust that may have settled on the surface. You need not worry about leaving your teak wood wooden furniture such as garden chairs and table in the open. Gradually, teak wood furniture left in the open and exposed to natural weather conditions acquire a silvery-grey form. If that happens to your favourite chair, worry not. You can restore its natural look by just getting it polished.

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Cons of teak wood furniture

Expensive: All good things come with a price. Teak wood may look beautiful but it is also one of the most expensive hardwoods. Besides, it is difficult to get original teak wood due to the declining number of natural resources. However, if you can afford it, you can have the most stunning patio furniture made of teak wood.

Difficult to find high-quality wood: How do you know if a selected furniture item is made of original teak wood or is just teak-oiled or teak–covered? It can get tricky for buyers as only an expert can identify original teak wood and know the difference between genuine teak wood and other alternatives.

If you plan to invest in new wooden furniture, you must consider all aspects of teak wood furniture pros and cons before making a decision.

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