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Article: Welcome a New Year with These Fresh Living Room Design Ideas

Welcome a New Year with These Fresh Living Room Design Ideas

Welcome a New Year with These Fresh Living Room Design Ideas

As we are coming to the end of a challenging year during which most of us spent more time in our homes than ever before, it is perhaps time to freshen things up a bit. And, if you want to give your home a mini makeover, the living room is the best place for you to start with. After all, this is the place that sums up both your design aesthetics and your personality, when it comes to entertaining guests or unwinding with the family. So, what you can do is give your living room a modern vibe with some trendy new furniture. To start you off, here are some living room design ideas that will give you the inspiration to start a brand-new chapter in your home, post-pandemic.

  • Bring home an accent chair

A chair that stands on its own, complementing the décor but not part of the formal living room seating arrangement, is called an accent chair. Accent chairs are one of the biggest trends in living room design. Pick one that every guest in your home would love to sit on for its smart looks and comfort too. This eye-catching sofa set from Woodsala is a great example of an accent chair that can elevate your living room with its presence. According to living room decoration tips from experts, coupling a rug with your accent chair can take your interiors to a whole new level.

  • Add a console table

A console table is a living room classic that perfectly blends the modern with the vintage. This unique piece of furniture does not take up much space and is both useful and beautiful. For a truly modern look, place a sculpture on your console table. This fusion style table is a great example of modern furniture for the living room.

  • Get a couch to get comfortable on

If months of lazing around in front of the TV have taught us anything, it is that every living room deserves a comfortable couch! This trendy Beige couch from Woodsala is simply tempting for a quick siesta or a lazy afternoon spent catching up on social media. The alluring looks and smart colour palette make it a valuable addition to your living room design.

  • Put in a statement stool

End tables are among the most undervalued of living room design furniture pieces. These are not only useful and handy, but they also come in eye-catching designs to boost the style quotient of your living room, like this Rajasthan cultural table for instance. It is a sleek beauty that will be a conversation starter every time a guest puts down their keys or phones on it.

  • Show off your prized possessions

The humble showcase is a piece of furniture that is making a comeback in a big way now. For one, you cannot ignore the storage capacity that makes your home look so much more neat and organised. And for another, it adds the right touch of whimsy to your home. Personal effects make a home feel warm and hospitable. This is why you should not keep those prizes and souvenirs hidden away. Display them with pride in your home, in a well-crafted showcase, like Woodsala’s Double Door and Drawers model.

  • Make use of all available space

As your home grows with you, you will discover the need for more space, and what better way to make use of all the available space than by putting up wall shelves? A thoughtfully crafted wall hanging shelf can take care of a lot of the clutter around the house while looking cool and chic.

To wrap up, you don’t have to make major changes to your home to make it look new and fresh. Adding a statement piece of furniture to the living room can be enough for freshening up the ambience. Remember that modern furniture for the living room is all about practicality as well as good looks. So, choose furniture that is durable and beautiful, and your home will become a space that you will love returning to, every time you step out.

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