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Article: New Cabinet Doors- An Easy and Quick Way to Revamp Your Kitchen

New Cabinet Doors- An Easy and Quick Way to Revamp Your Kitchen

New Cabinet Doors- An Easy and Quick Way to Revamp Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in setting a theme for your kitchen. You may opt for traditional open shelves with partly covered cabinets or a completely modular set-up, your choice of kitchen cabinets will set the tone for your kitchen, the heart of your home.

Kitchen cabinets, obviously, are exposed to a variety of cooking ingredients and cleaning products, thus making them vulnerable to wear and tear. Regular exposure to heat and water, and the common ingredients of Indian cooking such as various oils and staining spices such as turmeric, can make cabinets look dirty, stained and tarnished. While keeping them clean surely helps in daily maintenance, replacing them with new doors can transform your kitchen completely. For a quick kitchen makeover, upgrade your kitchen with best kitchen cabinet doors.

Is that mind-boggling? Not really. Once you get your new cabinet doors, all you need to do is spruce up your kitchen with a small herbs garden and a few colourful pots and pans. And, voila! You will have a new kitchen without breaking the bank.


Why Wood is A Good Choice for Kitchen Cabinets?

Wood has a natural beauty that cannot be surpassed. But more than that, it is a sturdy natural material that lasts a lifetime. All you need to maintain it is to give the cabinet doors a good polish once a year and the kitchen will look as good as new.

With Woodsala’s bespoke furniture, you can achieve that and more. Their custom-made cabinet doors are just the thing you need. With craftsmanship that is beyond par, their expert team will give you unique cabinet doors—the envy of your friends and family. 

Let’s look at some of the styles you can use to achieve a dream kitchen without making a hole in your pocket.


The Rustic Kitchen

You may have started with a modern kitchen, but wood-panelled kitchen cabinet doors will give the kitchen a rustic edge. Since you will be using wood, you get the benefit of the knots and the natural grain of the wood, adding to the rustic theme. You can opt for powder-coated handles in vintage design to complete the look.

A few accessories such as wicker baskets, copper pots and pans, and some herb pots will give the kitchen an amazing rustic finish.


Sleek and Modern

You can either choose a teakwood finish or go for the sophisticated rosewood touch on your kitchen cabinets. The choice is yours. The custom-made door doesn’t need much embellishment if you opt for a contemporary feel. For a bit of style, you can choose a design with a trim; either only on the edges or a double frame. You can find the best kitchen cabinet doors at Woodsala


Vintage and Chic

A patterned trim on your wooden shutters is just the thing to give your kitchen cabinet a vintage vibe. You can emulate this motif in the kitchen décor by adding old copper kettles, cast iron pans or a wrought iron light fixture if space permits. 

An antique wall clock, a ruffled curtain on the top of the window, and some herbs in matching pots will complete this vintage kitchen. 


Bohemian Flair

Rich rosewood finish with brass pulls would do the trick to get this effect right. You can add open shelving and a mix of textures and patterns to add a bohemian touch to your kitchen. 

You can achieve this by opting for patterned transfers for your existing kitchen tiles. You need not cover all the tiles. A few transfers at the top will do just fine. A few wicker baskets and some copper and brass pots and pans will do wonders to give your kitchen a bohemian appeal.  


The Country Kitchen

Country kitchens are by and large rustic. To achieve this design, you need to go for a wooden cabinet for kitchen doors with knots and grains showing clearly. Once you have the doors in place, you can look at other areas of the kitchen to enhance the theme.

You can display vintage crockery, preferably in floral patterns, on the open shelves. Look for these pieces in flea markets and bazaars. A wrought iron light fixture will be just right for this beautiful kitchen.


Are Wooden Cabinet Doors Expensive?

Interestingly, kitchen cabinet door prices are quite reasonable. And since you can get them custom-made, you get to choose the design and budget. What’s more? The sturdy kitchen cabinet doors are long-lasting and are easy to maintain. The team at Woodsala will help you decide on the wood, finish, and style to match your kitchen’s layout.

Yes, it is true. With a few custom-made wooden cabinet doors, you can give your kitchen a total upgrade and that too, without stretching those purse strings.

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