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Article: How to Identify the Ideal Wood for Quality Wooden Furniture

How to Identify the Ideal Wood for Quality Wooden Furniture

How to Identify the Ideal Wood for Quality Wooden Furniture

Unlike clothes or accessories, you don’t outgrow your furniture or change them every season. It is very likely that your furniture is going to last for a life time. In fact, with an eye for the right type of wood, your wooden furniture could easily be passed on to your children who will value them as heirloom pieces. But to make sure that your investment is getting you the best quality wooden furniture, you need to really know about the wood that goes into making them. Don’t allow a glib salesman to trick you into buying inferior quality of furniture! Here’s all the information you need to make the right choice.

Why Quality Matters

With unscrupulous manufacturers offering hefty discounts on inferior products, the “use and throw” culture has unfortunately crept into furniture as well. In reality, good quality wood does not cost the moon as you would easily understand by checking out the catalogue at Woodsala. Good quality wood gives you furniture that is beautiful to look at, easy to maintain and does not need to be discarded in a few years’ time. Artistic craftsmanship can only be put to use in good quality wood. Mass produced and cheap quality furniture rarely sports the kind of exquisite wood work that you can see in quality products.

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The Difference Between Solid Wood and Engineered wood

Good quality wooden furniture is made from solid woods. The lesser quality furniture – the lighter and cheaper variety – is made from engineered wood.

Engineered wood is made by fixing strands or particles or thin boards of wood together with adhesives to create a composite material. While this may look remarkably like wood, it has none of the features of real hardwood and can easily be damaged. It cannot acquire the sheen of real wood, does not age well and is not ideal for carving designs.

Solid wood on the other hand is natural hardwood or softwood, and the one you find in the beautiful pieces of furniture that you see in old homes or hotels. A reputed manufacturer like Woodsala uses only solid wood to craft their furniture.

Signature Seasoned Wood at Woodsala

Unlike mass produced furniture, the wooden furniture at Woodsala is made from naturally seasoned solid wood. As an eco-conscious manufacturer, we put to use recycled and reclaimed wood. This wood is perfectly seasoned to create our own signature seasoned wood that goes into crafting our exquisite pieces of furniture. Our responsibly sourced wood is durable, insect-resistant and eco-friendly. Also, this type of wood is capable of giving you absolutely stunning textures and finishes.

We work with different kinds of seasoned wood including teak and rosewood which our master craftsmen painstakingly work on to turn out unique, outstanding and stunning pieces for your home.

Of particular importance is the fact that Woodsala stores this carefully sourced wood in multiple warehouses, meaning there is much less of a waiting period when you place an order.

What to Look For

It is not easy for a lay person to differentiate between solid wood and engineered wood. The key factors in identifying natural wood are its grain, colour and visibility of annual rings. Here are a few things to look out for if you are doing it on your own.

  • Check the grain: Check along the edges of a piece of wood. If the grain pattern aligns with the direction of grains on the top, it is natural wood. If the same pattern seems to be repeating all over, then it is not solid wood.
  • Sanding the wood: If a piece of wood has been altered in its natural appearance by staining, then it may not be easy to check out its grain and composition. A little bit of sanding can revitalise wood and make it easier to spot its grain and original colour.
  • Growth rings: In natural wood, growth rings are visible as darker lines throughout the grain.

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Commonly Used Hardwoods in India

Since furniture was a prized asset in our culture, much of our exquisitely carved wooden furniture that lasted through generations was made in solid hardwoods like teak, mahogany, rose wood/ Sheesham, deodar and Sal wood. Let us take a quick look at the characteristics of each.

  • Teak: This is one of the finest woods that is used in furniture making and is prized for its strength, depth of colour and is resistant to rot and fire. Some of the antique furniture that still retains its sheen and beauty is made of teak. A well-crafted teak bed or cabinet will be a gift for generations to come!
  • Indian Rosewood/ Sheesham: This wood has a distinctive colour that lends it exquisite beauty. It is so durable that is it considered ideal for intricate carvings, even the see-through styles like ‘jali’ work. Elaborately carved Sheesham wood furniture immediately enhances the look of any room.
  • Mahogany: Coloured like Sheesham wood, mahogany is not only lighter than the above two but is also very durable and resistant to termites. Mahogany has a great capacity to absorb paint well so it can be used for glossy finishes in cabinets and centre tables.
  • Deodar: This is a closely grained wood and like mahogany, it can absorb paint well. This sturdy and rot-resistant wood was used in building temples in the olden days. It is ideal for carved furniture.
  • Sal wood: This type of wood is largely used in the making of musical instruments and in wooden flooring. It is also used for making doors and frames and smaller pieces of wood furniture.

Bring quality and uniqueness into your homes through solid wood furniture. Like your home, your furniture also weaves memories into your life. Choose nothing but the best for the quality time you spend with your family. Keeping in mind these important facts about identifying the best wood while choosing your wooden furniture will guarantee you low-maintenance, long-lasting, truly beautiful furniture.

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