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Article: 6 Home Décor Ideas to Ensure Your Home Reflects Your Culture

6 Home Décor Ideas to Ensure Your Home Reflects Your Culture

6 Home Décor Ideas to Ensure Your Home Reflects Your Culture

Everyone relates to the adage that your home is your castle. It is where you breathe free and truly feel yourself. Your home is an extension of your personality – it should be a place where you feel happy and comforted and very often, it is the little things that remind you of who you are and where you are from that most makes your home feel like your safety blanket. Here are some 6 amazing home decorating ideas to ensure you are never far from the cultural background that has shaped your identity and destiny.

Create the setting with a wooden carved door

If the aesthetic for your home is traditional, a beautifully carved wooden front door, embellished with brass fittings is the perfect starting point. But even if your décor is more contemporary, you can still incorporate this element into your home by means of a latticework door for the puja area. Woodsala offers a selection of antique doors that can serve as wall hangings. They are elegant and truly a homage to Indian culture.

Get comfy on a traditional Indian Diwan

The Diwan is a versatile piece of wooden furniture that every home needs! It is sleek, fits into small spaces, expands your seating area and is simply beautiful to look at. Go for one with a curved headrest and carved legs and upholster with plush velvet or brocade for the perfect feel of antique Indian furniture.

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Enjoy your meals on an elegant dining table

The dining table is one of the most important home décor furniture pieces in your home. It is also one that draws a lot of attention from visitors because of its size and because you are likely to offer them a meal or drink at the table. Let this piece be your salute to your culture by opting for one in a vintage Indian style. Regally carved teak tables with elegant dining chairs truly represent your heritage.

Form and Function Merge in a vintage style cupboard

A cupboard is another piece of wooden furniture that is both utilitarian and beautiful. Choose one that is rich in looks. Choose carvings that represent the region you are from and you immediately gift yourself a bit of nostalgia standing right there in the corner of your room. Also, elegantly carved cupboards with embellishments can impart a grand feel to your room.

Proudly put your heritage on the walls

Wall hangings are home decoration items that make an impression without taking up too much space. Choosing these in colours and patterns that reflect your roots can fill your home with positive vibes without being intrusive in any way. Check out the selection of traditional carved and painted wall hangings on Woodsala and you will see how charming they look and how transformative they can be for your home.

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Small items for a large impact

If you are looking for decorating ideas for your home that do not take up a lot of space, look for small carved figurines that truly represent your culture. You could opt for animal figurines – elephants and horses are great motifs of Indian culture – or even handcrafted vehicle figurines. These small items are a testament to the skills of our artisans and deserve a place in your home. They add a spot of brightness and cheer and also bring in the touch of culture you would want for your home.

Don’t just go for home décor ideas that are trending at the moment – allow your home to also reflect the timeless elegance of the country you are from. It gives you the added benefit of feeling at peace among items you subconsciously relate to the happy and carefree days of childhood.

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