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Article: 15 Best Designs for Wooden Wall Clock on Budget

Best Designs for Wooden Wall Clock

15 Best Designs for Wooden Wall Clock on Budget

A clock is a lot more than a mere device that measures and indicates time. Our lives are dictated by the ticking clock. As everything we do has to be at the designated time, a timepiece forms a very important part of a home. And, one clock doesn’t suffice. Time is a hard taskmaster and you need to get up when it tells you to, pack the tiffin before the kids leave for school and rush to the office—with a glance at the wall clock.

Ever since Peter Henlein, a German locksmith, invented the clock in the early 1500s, the device has evolved to be an integral part of our life. Today, every household owns at least one clock, and many flaunt some of the best-looking clocks as art pieces and décor items in their home. While clock styles and trends come and go, one design that remains timeless is the wooden clock. Modern, chic, antique and vintage—you name it and there will be clocks that fit the expectations. Wooden wall clocks are an excellent choice as they not only tell you the time but take your home decor to the next level.

You may choose to go hunting for a suitable wooden clock in the local market or order a wooden clock online. Finding the right wooden clock is not as difficult as it may seem, only if you know where to look. At Woodsala, you get to choose from a wide range of wooden clocks, each piece diligently fashioned into a work of art. Let us take a look:

1. Hand-carved Lion Clock, in Sumptuous Red!

Hand-carved Lion Clock, in Sumptuous Red


Crafted from the finest wood, this wooden clock is sure to become a conversation starter the next time you entertain guests at home. The pair of lions take the design of this masterpiece a notch higher.

2. Hand-carved Clock in Walnut Finish

Hand-carved Clock in Walnut Finish

The fine workmanship, not to mention the symmetry of the wooden wall clock design, makes this clock stand out from the rest. A closer look will give you a glimpse of the delicate handling of the carving tools by the artisan who fashioned this classic piece.

3. Serene Ganesh Carved Clock


Serene Ganesh Carved Clock

The design of this wooden clock speaks for itself. Though the Ganesh motif dominates the design, it is how it blends with the clock that makes it a masterpiece. A smart way to add a subtle traditional touch to the modern décor of your home.

4. Round Carved Wooden Clock

Round Carved Wooden Clock

The circle of double-rowed petals opens out to reveal the clock. A mixture of contemporary as well as traditional, any home would be proud to possess this wooden clock.

5. Clock with Key Holder

Clock with Key Holder

Reminiscent of a wooden clock with a pendulum, this magnificent piece would proudly grace any home. The black accent pattern and the hooks make it a must-buy.

6. Wooden Ambassador Clock

Wooden Ambassador Clock

This wooden ambassador clock is ideal for a children’s room or even the kitchen. The whimsy of the large front tire, housing the clock elevates the design, giving it the chic appeal.

7. Wooden Hut Clock

Wooden Hut Clock

This wooden hut clock reminds you of a cuckoo clock. You almost expect the doors to open for the cuckoo to strike the hour. Simple and elegant, this beautiful clock would fit in any space and décor theme.

8. Staid and Elegant

Staid and Elegant Wooden Clock

This no-nonsense wooden clock says it all, with a minimum of fuss. Going minimalist, the artisan has reined in his creativity to create this piece de resistance. This clock is an example of marrying a solid design with nuanced details.

9. Ideal for Modern Décor

Modern Décor Clock

Geometric designs are the new trend in clock styles. A perfect fit in any contemporary décor, this square-shaped modern wooden wall clock celebrates diagonal black stripes in the background along with the roman numerals on the face of the clock—reminding us of the charm of a bygone era.

10. Perfect for a Motorbike Aficionado

Perfect for a Motorbike Aficionado

Love motorbikes? Then there is no way you are not going to fall in love with this quirky bike design wooden clock. While the wood brings a certain class to the clock, the bike design adds retro charm to it. It is a perfect fit for the children’s room or as a statement piece in the foyer area of your home.

11. Wooden Detail Clock – Leaf

Wooden Detail Clock – Leaf

This vintage clock would make an ideal art piece for a bedroom dresser. The asymmetrical leafy pattern does much to enhance this eclectic piece.

12. Elephant Clock

Elephant Clock

This magnificent work of art is sure to be the talking point the next time your friends come over. Let’s leave this designer wooden wall clock to do all the talking.

13. Hanging Cabinet Clock


Hanging Cabinet Clock

The quaint modern wooden wall clock reminds you of a farmhouse, making it just right for your country home décor.

14. Hexagonal Wall Clock

Hexagonal Wall Clock

This unique timepiece, fashioned from two tones of wood, can suit any décor—be it modern or vintage. Simplicity at its best.

15. Hanging Clock

Hanging Clock
An eclectic hanging wooden clock is just the thing for a children’s room! The quirky design is sure to please your little ones.

Design and décor are all about detail. Everything counts. And buying the right wall clock is no different. It has to be just right.

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